HomeAway / VRBO Integration

HomeAway and VRBO Integration

When RemoteLock is integrated with your HomeAway or VRBO account, reservations approved within HomeAway will be automatically added to your RemoteLock account. A guest PIN code will be created and will remain active for the duration of their stay.

The guest PIN code can be viewed within the HomeAway app:

HomeAway App Main Details and Access Instructions:

1.png  2.png

From the Connect by RemoteLock portal, click the drop-down in the upper right-hand corner of the page, then select HomeAway or VRBO:



Next, click the "Add HomeAway/VRBO Integration" button. Many customers have more than one HomeAway/VRBO account - please make sure that you are logged into the correct one when continuing.


If you are not already logged into your HomeAway account, you will be asked to log in.

The next page will ask to allow RemoteLock to access your HomeAway account. This information will be used to create codes based on reservation data from HomeAway.



The properties within your HomeAway/VRBO account should then be displayed. This indicates that your integration was successful.


Associate door locks with rental properties

The next step is to associate the door locks in your RemoteLock account with your rental property listings. Please see this article for detailed instructions.

From the HomeAway / VRBO side:

A customer will find and review your listing, select the dates and number of guests, and click "Request to Book" to initiate the booking process.
The system will verify if the dates are available and give the customer a quick summary of the booking including a breakdown of all costs associated.
Selecting Continue Booking will take them to another details page to Begin The Booking process.
From the Begin your booking page the customer will input their name, email, phone number and personal information. 

Clicking Continue will bring them to the Review Rules and Policies page.
From the Review Rules and Policies page, the customer will have to accept the terms of the rental and agree to comply.
Clicking Continue will land the customer on the Billing and Payment Page. 
From the Payment Information page, the user will have to enter their payment information and Submit the Request.
After the customer clicks "Submit Request" you will have to approve or deny the booking. The customer will land on a booking confirmation page and receive a booking confirmation email from HomeAway / VRBO after your approval.
This email will contain information on the booking such as start and end times, a view of the full itinerary including the address for their stay, the amount paid, reservation code, and an option to change the reservation. They will also see information on the host (your HomeAway / VRBO information), house rules, what to expect, and an option to contact VRBO / HomeAway support.

**Please note, this email will not contain the pin code or access instructions from RemoteLock. The guest code will be sent to the HomeAway app on the details screen > Access Instructions.

Once the user is automatically added to the RemoteLock doors associated with this property, RemoteLock will *not* automatically send the guest email template associated with these locks to the VRBO / HomeAway customer. Instead, we send the PIN and Access Instructions associated with your account to HomeAway via an API endpoint which they created. This information is accessible in the HomeAway / VRBO account when logged in as the property owner. The guests will be able to view this information in their app as well.
The HomeAway/VRBO Guests will be automatically added to the lock and visible in the portal under the Access Tab
Selecting a Guest from the portal will give you more options to edit and add additional door access.


Guest Access Notifications

To receive notifications when your guests use their PIN, please see this article for more information.


To stop using an integration or stop automatically generating guest access, the integration can be deactivated. Please see this article for more information.

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