We offer multiple Account Plans to provide diverse options of features for different types of owners and à la carte device pricing.

Basic Plan: Free

This entry plan provides full remote control and monitoring of your device.

Features include:

  • Lock/Unlock control
  • Access User management
  • Guest User management
  • 7-Days of Event History
  • Lock & User schedules
  • 2 Account Admins/sub-users ($0.99 each additional)
Premium Plan: $3/month

The Premium Plan includes all the features in the Basic Plan plus the following...

  • 90 days of Event History
  • Text & Email Notifications
  • Partner Integrations - Airbnb, HomeAway (1 listing included, $1.25 each additional)
  • 5 included Account Admins ($0.99 each additional)
Pro Plan: $10/month

The Pro Plan includes all the features in the Premium Plan plus the following...

  • 365 days of Event History
  • Door Groups
  • Mass User Assignment (assign Users to Groups or Locations)
  • Common Door Functionality
  • 20 included Account Admins ($0.99 each additional)

Device Pricing

ResortLocks (algorithmic locks)

Due to the lack of internet communication between the lock and the portal, we do not charge any fees for the use of the RL2000 and RL4000 models. Additional fees for features of the account still apply.

Wi-Fi Connected Locks

We charge a flat $.99/month fee per internet-connected WiFi lock registered to the account.

The following multi-lock monthly pricing is offered and automatically applied to each account:

  • 1 - 5 : $0.99/lock
  • 6 - 10 : $0.95/lock
  • 11 - 25 : $0.89/lock
  • 26 - 50 : $0.85/lock
  • 51 - 159 : $0.79/lock
  • 160 + : $0.75/lock

Why Do We Charge Fees?

Nobody likes fees. We get it.

Despite this fact, there are many costs involved in bringing this software service to our customers. Much like the cell phone industry, there are costs associated with the hardware (the cell phone in this example), as well as costs with providing the ongoing service (the cell phone network & data).

We also have a hardware component (the connected door locks) and a service component (communication with devices & software maintenance). There is a significant cost involved with hosting and maintaining the cloud servers, data exchanged between devices and customer accounts, and the development and maintenance of the cloud software applications. In some cases, we have separated out the more costly features we provide in order to offer lower-cost options to those not needing these features.

Additionally, our developers are constantly upgrading the application, adding useful new features, and ensuring the best possible customer experience.

Pricing in the Connect app is made up of two components, the Plan type and number of devices.

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