Event Filtering

Select the Advanced tab from the top menu. Then select Reports.


You'll land on the Events history page where a list of events will be displayed. The events will have the following information available: "Occurred at" date and time, "Door" name, "Source" of the event, "Type" of event, "Method", and "Info."


You can filter this list by ascending or descending date and time by clicking the Occurred At option or by selecting a Start Date and End Date in the filter bar.



You can filter by Start and End date, Event Type, Location, Device, and Access User/Guest or a combination of these options.

Select the Search icon to search with the selected criteria or "Reset Defaults" to select new filters.

Select "Export This Search" at the top of the page to export data as a CSV file. Please note, A start date (at the very least) is required to export an Events report.


Export Access Data

From the Export Access Data tab, you can select a report from the dropdown. Click Download CSV to download the file to your computer.

The reports available for download are Access User/Guest Door Accesses, Access Users and Guests, and Expired Guests.
exportaccessdatareults.pngSelecting the Access Users and Guests report will export a list of all active access users and guests in your account.

Access User/Guest Door access will export a list of all doors that each user has been given access to. If a user has been given access to 3 doors, there will be 3 entries in this report for that user listing each door.

Expired Guests will export a list of all past guests that you have had in your account.

Admin Logs

Select the Admin Logs tab to view a more in-depth and detailed report of events history. Select Download as CSV at the top of the page to export and download the list.



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