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Are you having issues connecting your lock to WiFi?

Do you have questions about the installation process?

Are you experiencing difficulty with the web portal or need additional information on how to manage your locks and access users?

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*Please ensure you will be available to be at the lock or at your computer during the time you schedule to receive a call. 

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  • I have order #7721, that has not been delivered, can anyone give me an update on the delivery date or time, or send me Fedex taking # ?
    Thank you

  • Fadel,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. We appreciate your business!

    I checked on your order status and it looks as though your lock arrived last Friday right around 1 in the afternoon. Here is the tracking information; 781772336283.

    Keep us posted if you have not received the lock and we can reach out to FedEx if need be.

    LockState Support

  • Lock unlocks when the Loclstate button is pressed, how do I reverse that ?

  • I have RL4000, sometimes when I input my code it accept it but sometimes it does not open, What do i need to do, of course I have a key and it works but for other people is a hasle. My phone is 850-6915764.
    Thank you

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