New RemoteLock Features Update (as of 9/25/18)

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New RemoteLock Features Update

We are happy to inform you that your RemoteLock(s) has been upgraded with new software in order to provide you with several performance, security and feature enhancements.  Major enhancements include...

25% improvement (on average) to battery longevity

Our engineers have made several improvements to battery efficiency across all lock models.  On average we have measured a 25% reduction to the current used during various modes of lock operation.

Single press locking from keypad

For users of the 5i model, in order to lock the door from they keypad you had to press the LockState button 2 times to lock the door.  This has now been simplified to a single press to lock the door.  Pressing 2X will still lock the door and no additional action is taken on the second press.

Increase access schedule max capacity from 20 to 60

Some of our power users utilize access schedules to limit access to specific weekly schedules, like Monday - Friday 9-5.  We have increased the number of unique schedule a lock can hold from 20 to 60.


Thank you for letting us help you with your property management. 


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