Escapia Integration - Beta

The RemoteLock/Escapia integration is currently in beta. This means that the integration is fully functional and available to our most eager customers, but as a brand new capability, we are still working hard to iron out small kinks and make sure your experience is a good one. We encourage you to reach out to our onboarding team ( or your RemoteLock sales representative during this beta phase. We’ll be happy to help configure this integration and take your feedback. Thank you! 

Step 1: Contact Escapia Support

Before you can integrate Escapia with RemoteLock you must ask Escapia to enable RemoteLock for your account. This can be done by visiting the Escapia Support portal at and submitting a support request via their form.

  • On that page, choose the "Website Services" button, and then "Email".
  • Next, enter your account information.

Please use the text below for the "Subject" and "Message" fields:

Partnership with RemoteLock

We would like to enable RemoteLock as a network partner and would also like to enable the VRS module "Res Services: RemoteLockRes." 

The form should look like this:

Escapia Support should handle the request within 2 business days. When that is complete, RemoteLock should appear within your Escapia account. This often takes less time.

Step 2: Enable RemoteLock as an EscapiaNET Network Partner 

In your Escapia account, find the Network Partners link under the Admin > Setup > EscapiaNET menu. 

When Escapia Support completes the request to enable the integration (Step 1 above), RemoteLock will appear on this page as shown:


Select the checkbox to the left of the RemoteLock logo, and then click Save & Continue.

More information about enabling partners can be found in this Escapia article: Verifying API Partners.

Step 3: Associate rental units with RemoteLock 

On the Unit Distribution page, you can control which rental units can be seen by RemoteLock. 

  1. Click Admin > Setup > EscapiaNET > Unit Distribution to display the Unit Distribution page.
  2. In the unit list on the left, select the unit you'd like to integrate with RemoteLock (you can always add more units later). This will open a popup titled "Edit Unit Distribution".
  3. In the popup, find RemoteLock in the list of partners, probably near the bottom of the list, click in the empty checkbox and click the Close button.
    • If necessary, you can click in the unit list (to the left of the Unit Code) to expand the unit's available partners (such as RemoteLock).
    • If the checkbox to the left of any network partner is selected, then that unit is enabled for that partner.
  4. You can make any edits to the Network Partners selected, and then click Save & Finish to save the changes.


Associate door locks with rental properties:

The next step is to associate the door locks in your RemoteLock account with your rental property listings. Please see this article for detailed instructions.

Step 4: Go to your EDGEstate RemoteLock portal (

Start by scheduling guest email and message times for your account.

To access the Guest Message Times tab, start by clicking: Advanced -> Automated Emails -> Guest Message Times tab on the left-hand side of the EDGEstate screen.


Setting Guest Message Times will automate the delivery of your guest's access pin and instructions before their stay. Up to 3 access emails can be sent to your guests. These access emails can be automatically queued when reservations are received from any booking integration partner (like Airbnb or HomeAway) or when guest codes are created within your account.

Once Guest Message Times have been enabled. Go to the Integrations tab and select the Escapia tile.

Step 5: Integrate Escapia via EDGEstate


From the Escapia Integrations Tile, you'll need to input your Escapia ID and click Connect with Escapia.


Your Escapia Account ID is found at the top right-hand portion of your Escapia account.


After Connecting with Escapia, you'll need to associate doors with the listings you imported.

Step 6: Associate doors to your Escapia listings

To do this, select "add door" next to the property of your choosing. Next, choose the appropriate lock for the listing and click save. More information on adding and registering locks in EDGEstate


When a door has been successfully saved you'll see a 'Saved' pop up at the bottom of the page and the selected door populated in the list.


In the Escapia Integration tile, next to the 'LISTINGS' tab is the Escapia 'SETTINGS' tab.

Step 7: Configure Escapia Settings 

From the Settings tab, you'll see a list of available options to configure your access email settings, notification settings, and confirm your Guest Message Times (aforementioned: Start by scheduling your guest email and message times).  


Guest Access Notifications

To receive notifications when your guests use their PIN, please see this article for more information.

Integration Complete!

The RemoteLock system will communicate with Escapia hourly to sync and update reservation information. This is done at the beginning of each hour.

Now, whenever a reservation is confirmed in Escapia:


It will automatically and seamlessly be added to your RemoteLock account:



To stop using an integration or stop automatically generating guest access, the integration can be deactivated. Please see this article for more information.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact support.


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