Vacation Rental Integrations - Associating Doors

To automatically generate guest access PIN codes, the RemoteLock system needs to know which door locks are installed at each rental property.

When viewing the rental property listings for an integration, begin by clicking the gear icon to the right of the property listing:homeaway_listings_manage.png


Selecting the Add Door button will display a list of door locks within your RemoteLock account.
Choose the lock that is installed at this property and then click the Add button:
 A confirmation should appear at the bottom of the page, and the lock should now appear in a list:
Once door locks are associated with your rental property listings and the integration is shown as "Connected" then this integration should be active - guest access should then be automatically generated for new reservations.
Also note that Common Doors do not need to be added here. When guest access is generated for door locks added here, the guest will also be given access to any associated Common Doors.
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