Hostfully and RemoteLock Integration


You will need an active RemoteLock account and at least one activated RemoteLock smart lock to use the integration.

Step 1: Activating the RemoteLock integration

Head to Hostfully's Integration Zone:

Toggle the RemoteLock integration to ON:


On RemoteLock's popup, click Connect:



Step 2: Authorize Hostfully's platform access

You'll be redirected to your RemoteLock account. If you're not logged in, please log in. On the popup click Authorize to grant platform access to your account:



You will be redirected to Hostfully.

Step 3: Map your lock to a property on Hostfully

Go to Hostfully's Integration page:


Click Settings next to the RemoteLock toggle:

This will lead to the property-to-lock mapping page. On the Select a Lock drop-down, select the smart lock you want to map to a property. Then click Connect:

Once the mapping is done, you're done with the set up.

Now, let the system do its magic

With this set up Hostfully will automatically create PIN codes for each guest when a booking is created for the properties mapped to the RemoteLock.

Pin codes will be random 6-digit codes, valid for the duration of the stay. Per RemoteLock's scheduling scheme the codes become inactive at check-out time.

When a code is created by the system, it will be visible on the booking window, on the Stay Details tab, as below:

If you use the RemoteLock mobile app, the new created guest and its associated pin code will automatically show under the GUEST USERS section:



Step 4: Notify your guests

You can include the PIN and instructions into your pre check-in message. To do that, edit the template and incorporate the pincode variable [$LEAD_PINCODE$] from the drop-down. You can also add all the details your guests will need to access your property.

As always, please feel free to send your feedback and questions to

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