Assigning MIFARE Cards & Fobs to Access Users


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After MIFARE cards have been enrolled in your account, they can then be assigned to Access Users and added to locks.  This can be initiated from one of two methods...


Assigning Cards From Add Access User Menu

From either the Dashboard or Access User section, click on Add Access User or Add Access Guest.



After entering the users name and assigning door access, click into the 



Grab a card or fob that you want to give to an Access User.  Look at the Card ID printed on the card or fob and begin typing it into the Smart Card field.

MIFAREFob_copy.png      MIFARECard_copy.png


As you enter the card ID, the system will filter down the available cards.  Select the number that matches the card you have in your hand.



After selecting the matching card ID, click Create to save the Access User and send the card credential to the lock assigned.


Assigning Cards from Smart Card Management List

Card assignment can also be initiated from the Smart Card Management list view.  Click on the Add Access user icon for the card ID matching the card you have in your hand.  Then select Assign User or Assign Guest.




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