Enrolling MIFARE Cards & Fobs

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Before a MIFARE card or fob can be assigned to an Access User and used on a lock, it needs to be enrolled into your account. Cards can be enrolled by importing the provided .csv file containing your card numbers.

Step 1: Save the Attached File to Your Computer

After ordering cards or fobs from RemoteLock, you will receive an email with a .csv file containing your card numbers.  Save this file to your computer so it can be uploaded to your account.

Step 2: Log Into Your Account

Go to https://connect.remotelock.com/ and login.

Step 3: Navigate to Smart Card Management in the Upper Right-hand Menu



Step 4: Click Import from CSV button



Step 5: Select .csv Card File and Import

After confirming the import, you will see the imported cards available in the list view.



Now that you have enrolled your MIFARE cards, they can be assigned to Access Users and added to your OpenEdge locks for access.

For instructions on how to assign MIFARE cards to Access Users, read this article.


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