Using Cards & Fobs on OpenEdge Locks

The OpenEdge 620C, 720C and 820C locks are equipped with a MIFARE card reader, enabling MIFARE cards, fobs and sticky tags to be used to unlock the door.  MIFARE cards will need to be enrolled in your account first and then can be assigned to access users.  Read the Enrolling MIFARE Cards & Fobs article for more help.


Using the Card Reader

After adding an access user to the lock with a MIFARE credential, the credential can be used to unlock the door.  This is done by holding the MIFARE credential up to the keypad of the lock.

For best results, hold the card or fob in the center of the keypad over the 5 key and within an inch of the surface (as shown in the image above). If your card or fob is not registered on the first attempt, pull your hand away momentarily and then present again.


Enabling Card Reader

The card reader is disabled by factory default.  Enabling the card reader function can either be done on the lock’s settings page after registering with your RemoteLock account, or on the keypad with the following key commands.

Enable Card/Fob Reader (Always On)

Programing Code (123456 by default) followed by the # button, 381, followed by #.


Enable Card/Fob Reader on Button Press Only

This function turns on the card/fob reader on the lock only after a button press. This saves a bit more power than using the Always On 381 function.

Programing Code (123456 by default) followed by the # button, 382, followed by #.




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