Updating Guesty API Credentials

Q: What needs to be done?
A: Customers who integrated their Guesty account with RemoteLock may need to copy and paste a "token" from the Guesty app into the RemoteLock web portal.

Q: Which accounts are affected?
A: Any RemoteLock account which integrated with Guesty using a combination "API Key" and "API Secret". This includes all accounts which were integrated prior to May 2021.

Q: Why is this required?
A: Guesty's "API Key" and "API Secret" was once the only way to integrate a Guesty account, but this method was difficult and Guesty has deprecated (replaced) it in favor of a new Integration Marketplace within their app.

Q: Are there any consequences to not updating the API Credentials?
A: In the next few months, Guesty will begin applying limits which could affect RemoteLock's ability to retrieve your Guesty reservations and generate PIN codes for guests.

Updating to the new API Credential type is simple, quick, and avoids any trouble with your Guesty integration.

Q: Will updating API Credentials affect the integration in any way?
A: Your integration with Guesty should not be affected, and should continue operating exactly the same.

Q: What is the procedure for updating the API Credentials?
A: First, sign in to your RemoteLock account and navigate to your Guesty Integration. If a large, red warning box appears with the text "RemoteLock needs an updated API Key", that means your integration is using the older style credentials, and must be updated:



The procedure is simple. Open the Guesty app in your browser and navigate to the "Marketplace":



Find and click on the RemoteLock tile. It should be listed under "Home Automation":



Once on the RemoteLock page within Guesty, Click the "Connect" button:



A box should appear with an "API Key" which may look like asterisks and some text. Click on that API Key, and it should be copied to your clipboard:



Return to your RemoteLock account, and navigate to your Guesty Integration. Click on the "Update API Key" button within the red warning box. You can also click on the "Credentials" tab on the left side:Screen_Shot_2021-05-09_at_3.03.29_PM.png


This should take you to a form with one text field ("Guesty Marketplace API Key"). Simply paste in that field, and click the "Connect" button:



If the change was successful, the red warning box should disappear and you should see a small box with the text "Integration has been connected successfully!" in the top right corner:



When the red warning box has disappeared, the process is complete. Your integration should continue working exactly as it did before, and you should not notice any changes.


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