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ReadyPINs are ideal for providing date/time based temporary guest access to locks without a network. Instead of relying on a network connection to the lock, the access information is actually carried within the PIN code itself.


How do ReadyPINs Work?

Contrary to popular belief, ReadyPINs do not use fairy magic and pixie dust. Creation of a ReadyPIN starts with 3 variables; a seed key (like the lock’s serial number), starting date and time, and ending date and time. Using an encryption algorithm, the management system (web or mobile app) computes and produces a PIN code based upon those variables, embedding the access information within the PIN. This PIN can then be provided to the guest via email or text. When the PIN code is entered into the lock, the lock’s processor uses the same algorithm and seed key to decrypt the PIN code entered, check the date and time the PIN is active for and presto, they are in. Only it’s not magic, it's math! The algorithmic PIN only works after the code's start date and automatically expires on the end date.


Do ReadyPINs Need WiFi to Work?

No.  Internet connectivity is not required for ReadyPINs to work.  This is because ReadyPINs do not need to be sent to the lock in advance of them working on a lock.  The lock the PIN works on along with the dates and times it is valid between are actually embedded into the PIN itself.  So once you generate the PIN, it is ready to go!


Creating a Ready PIN

To create a ReadyPIN, a lock must have ReadyPINs enabled.  If you registered your lock in Offline Mode to begin with, ReadyPINs will be enabled by default.  If not, navigate to your lock, then select Settings. Click on the Enable ReadyPINs check box and then hit Save to activate ReadyPINs.


Once ReadyPINs are enabled, you will see the Add ReadyPIN option on the Dashboard, Access User List View, and within your lock’s Access section.


In the pop-up window, enter your guests name, email (if you want to email them the ReadyPIN after creation), starting date & time and ending date & time.



ReadyPIN Options

ReadyPINs can be created within the following limits…

Duration 1 - 32 Days 33 - 365 Days
Resolution 1 Hour 1 Day 
Pin Length 10 Digits 10 Digits


This means that ReadyPINs up to 32 days long can have access start and end times that start and stop on the hour, providing owners with finer controls for these shorter duration codes.  However, ReadyPINs that are between 33 - 365 days long are less granular with a 1 day resolution. For these ReadyPINs over 32 Days, the default start time on the lock is 8AM on the starting day and access ends at 8PM on the ending day.  These pre-set times can be customized if needed on the lock (instructions below).

The maximum duration for a ReadyPIN is 365 days long.  All ReadyPINs are 10 digits long, but a custom short pin can be created by the guest at the door (instructions below).


Using a ReadyPIN

To use a ReadyPIN on the lock, simply enter the PIN on the keypad and press # to unlock the door. 

Example: 234-693-0987, #

Note: shorter custom PINs can be created at the door (see below)


Creating a Custom ReadyPIN

The 10-digit ReadyPIN will unlock the door within its access period and it can also be used to create a custom short pin so your guest doesn’t have to use the 10-digit pin every time.  

To create a custom PIN;

Enter 10-digit ReadyPIN, followed by # key (door will unlock). Then within 10 seconds enter a 4-8 digit custom PIN, followed by # key to save.

Example: 234-693-0987, #, 7595, #

Your guest can now use their custom PIN to unlock the door.  This custom pin will expire the same time the 10-digit ReadyPIN expires.


  • A ReadyPIN cannot be used to create a custom pin until it is active (after start time begins)
  • Custom PINs cannot be single digit pins (2222) or consecutive (1234, 6789)

Customizing Start & End Times for 33+ Day ReadyPINs

For ReadyPINs between 33 - 365 days long, the defaults are set to:

Default Start Time on Starting Day 8AM
Default End Time on Ending Day 8PM


These defaults can be changed via keypad programming on the lock. 

To set the starting hour, enter: [Programming Code], #, 373, #, [1-24], # 1 = 1AM, 24 = Midnight

To set the ending hour, enter: [Programming Code], #, 374, #, [1-24], # 1 = 1AM, 24 = Midnight

For example, to set the starting hour of 4PM, enter: [Programming Code], # 373, #


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