ResortLock Guest Codes

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In addition to adding and viewing Guests from the Dashboard, all of your guests can be viewed within the Guests menu.

The Guest section is split up between two tabs; Active & Pending Guests and History. Once a code is expired, it will move into the History tab.

Add ResortLock Guest

To add a new ResortLock Guest code, click on the Add ResortLock Guest button in the upper right of the screen.

  1. Start by selecting the Location and then the ResortLock for the new guest code. For users with only one location, the single location will be selected by default. For users with only one lock, this lock will also be selected by default.
  2. Enter a name for your guest
  3. Enter an email for your guest if you wish to automatically send your guest an email with the access code. Click here for more information on guest email templates.
  4. Choose the Start and End date for the guest code. ResortLock codes can only be set for the top of each hour.
  5. Click Create to generate the code. ResortLock codes are typically 10-digits. If they are longer than 30 days or cross over the end of the year, they will be 12 digits.
    • To shorten a 10-12 digit Resortlock code: Press and hold * for about 2-3 seconds until you see a solid green light. Once you see the solid green light, enter the 10-12 digit code, then #, then enter the shorter code, followed by #. Finally, test the code to ensure it's working. 

      NOTE: A shortened code cannot be duplicated within the last 25 code changes, otherwise it will not program properly. If the lock blinks red after following the sequence above, try a different shortened code that has not been recently used by another guest. 

      Example: Guest 1 shortens their code to 123. Guests 2 through 24 use their own distinct codes. Guest 25 attempts to shorten their code to 123 as well. Guest 25 will see a red light after entering the sequence, and the shortened code will not work to unlock the door. They will need to create a new shortened code that has not been used by any of the previous 25 guests who also shortened their codes. 

    • PLEASE NOTE - Guest codes will only work if created for 364 days or less
  6. One-time Access. Selecting "One-time Access" during the guest creation will only allow the designated pin code to work once before expiring. The code must be used between the indicated start and end times and will only work for one entry.


Your new guest code will be added to the Dashboard Calendar as well as the guest code Active/Pending list.


The header of the Guest list view allows you to sort your list.

You can then sort by:

  • Name
  • Starting date
  • Ending date
  • Date created


By clicking on the edit pencil for a guest, you can edit the guest name and email. Please note that this is the only information that can be edited for a ResortLock code. If you need to change the starting or ending times for a guest, you will need to create a new code.


By clicking on the trash icon, the guest will be removed from your list view and calendar view.

Note: Deleting a ResortLock guest code from the web application does not delete the code from the lock itself. Once a code is provided to a guest it cannot be revoked remotely. Removal of a RemoteLock guest code can only be done on the keypad of the lock.

All ResortLock codes added from the portal will be considered 'Guests'. If you would like to add a code without a start or end date this would be considered a 'local' code instead of a 'user' code (like seen on connected locks). These codes must be added physically at the keypad using a manual programming sequence.

For more information on manual programming codes and local codes, please visit our: 

ResortLock FAQs and Troubleshooting Guide

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