Using Shared Account

Please see the Members and Roles overview article for additional information

This option should be used if you want to provide additional administrators or owners access to your account.


First, select a Role (or permissions) to give to the new user you will be inviting. Assign the Owner role to provide full permissions and access to all devices. Create a custom role to limit permissions & devices.

Add Device Permissions

Next, choose which devices they can manage (this is skipped if Owner role is selected). Select all, or just a few.

Invite User

Finally, click Invite User to send an email invitation. The user will click a link within the email invite so go to the account login page and create a password to complete the process.


Shared Account Behavior

  • Shared Account members do not need to pay for an additional subscription- their subscription is included on the Primary Owner's account
  • For a Shared Account member to manage any integrations (Ex. Airbnb, August, Schlage Home), they must be given the "Owner" role. Any custom roles created will not allow access to integration management. 
  • Shared Account members can toggle back and forth between their own account and the Primary Owner of the Shared Account. This is useful for individuals that manage multiple different properties. To toggle between accounts, click on your Account name --> Switch Account --> Toggle into the account you'd like to view. 



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