Airbnb Integration

Airbnb Integration

By connecting your Airbnb account with your RemoteLock account, approved bookings made on Airbnb will be automatically sent to your RemoteLock account. This will then create a code for the guest during the time of their stay and send a message informing the guest of their code and instructions for using the lock.

Airbnb Internal Guest Messaging is also available. Your Airbnb guests can receive their unique PIN code conveniently within Airbnb, without the need for email. This makes accessing your rental property easier: Guests can find all of the information needed simply by logging into their Airbnb account. Read more here.


Setting Up the Airbnb Integration

From the RemoteLock portal, click the 'Integrations' tab in the upper navigation. 


Next, you will connect with Airbnb by clicking the Airbnb tile and selecting 'Add Airbnb Integration'.



If you are not currently logged into Airbnb, on the following screen you will be asked to log in. Proceed to the next step if already logged in.

The next page will ask to allow RemoteLock to access your Airbnb account information, which will be used to create codes base on reservations from Airbnb.

Please note: Airbnb hosts (typically property owners) can allow a "co-host" (typically some kind of property manager) to manage the owner's listings within Airbnb. This allows the host/owner account to share their listing with another Airbnb account.

Any Airbnb account can integrate with our system, but the integration will only work for listings that are owned by the account that is integrated, not shared/co-hosted listings that are owned by a different Airbnb account. 


After allowing access, you will be redirected back to the RemoteLock portal where a list of properties from your Airbnb account will be displayed.


The final step in completing the integration is associating your locks to their listings. To do this, click on the listing name. 


You will then see the option to "Add Door". Click on this, then from the dropdown select which lock you want to associate with this listing. Click "Add" to save this.  You can associate more than one lock to a listing- this will cause each guest's code to be given access to each lock assigned to their listing. 


Note: After connecting with Airbnb, only newly-created reservations will be added to the lock.

Once a booking is confirmed in Airbnb, the Guest User will be added to all the locks associated with this listing. All Airbnb guests can then be viewed within the Access section of your lock including their name, pin code, and start and end times. All Airbnb guest codes that are generated will have the Airbnb icon next to the guest name.


You have now successfully completed setting up the Airbnb integration!


Airbnb Integration Settings

The Airbnb Integration Settings can be accessed within the integration in the left-side menu. In order to save any of the changes made on this page, you must click "Save".
Name- Here, you can edit how this Airbnb account name reflects in the RemoteLock-Airbnb Integration page. Editing this name will only show in the RemoteLock Airbnb integration page.
Guest Access Notifications- Check this box if you want to set up Guest Access Notifications for all guest codes that are generated through the Airbnb integration.
  • When you check this box- you will be given the option to select "First Access Only". If you select first access only, you will only receive a notification on the first access of each guest.
  • Leaving the First Access Only box unchecked will result in you receiving a notification each time the guest is granted access. 

Select which type of notification you would like to receive for your each Airbnb guests' access, then select the specific contact whom you'd like to receive the notifications. 

How Guests should Receive Access Instructions- As a default, this box will be checked. When this option is selected, each reservation will receive an automated message through Airbnb messenger immediately upon the reservation being confirmed. This message will contain your customized Guest Email Template, including the guest's pin code and the access instructions. If you'd like to disable this message from going out, uncheck this box.

Deactivate- To stop using the integration and stop automatically generating guest access, the integration can be deactivated by pressing this button (in the top left corner of the Settings page). Please see this article for more information.


The Guest's Perspective

From the Airbnb side... A user will find and review your listing, select the dates and number of guests, and click "Book" to initiate the booking process.


The user will be asked some additional information, requested to "Say hello to the host" (you), and click Continue.


The user will land on the "Confirm and pay" page where they will see their credit card information on file and will have to click "Confirm and pay" to book the listing.


After the user clicks "Confirm and pay" they will land on a booking confirmation page and receive a booking confirmation email from Airbnb. 

If you would prefer to configure internal guest messaging (from within the Airbnb app) please read how to configure this setting here


Email automatically sent by Airbnb:


This email will contain information on the booking such as start and end times, a view of the full itinerary including the address for your stay, the amount paid, reservation code, and an option to change the reservation. You will also see information on the host (your Airbnb information), house rules, what to expect, and an option to contact Airbnb support. Please note, this email will not contain the pin code or access instructions from RemoteLock.

After the user is automatically added to the RemoteLock doors associated with this property, RemoteLock will send the guest email template and access instructions associated with the locks directly to the user via the Airbnb messaging system. 


The guest email template, access instructions, and additional information can be fully customized in the portal. This message gets sent to the guest immediately upon confirmation of the booking. 



  • RemoteLock checks for reservation changes in Airbnb every hour on the half-hour
  • Changes from Airbnb that will reflect in RemoteLock: 
    • Changes to a reservation’s listing
      • Airbnb owners can change listings in existing reservations, and the reservation from Airbnb will update instead of canceling & re-creating.
      • This change should update the Guest's door access in RemoteLock.
    • Changes to the check-in/check out
    • Change of status (Cancellations)
  • Airbnb Guest Codes in the RemoteLock portal can be managed, reviewed, edited, and deleted just like any other codes. Please see our Access article for more information 
  • Other related articles: 


Please be sure to contact Support with any other questions about the Airbnb Integration



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