Account Settings


  1. Account Name
  2. Default Guest Start and End Time
  3. Number of Digits for Auto-Generated PIN
  4. Receive Weekly Summary
  5. Navigation Bar Visibility

Access these settings by selecting "My Account" from the top right drop down.



You'll land on the Profile page where you can edit your account email, username, and Password information.


From the Profile tab you can also edit your Two Factor Authentication Methods and add a phone number.


After adding a phone number our system will send you a confirmation text.


After verifying, you'll be provided a 'Backup code'.

This backup code allows you to bypass two-factor authentication.
Please write it down and store it in a secure place.


After confirming, Two-factor authentication will be enabled!

From now on, when you sign in to your account on a new device, we'll ask for your password and two-factor verification code.
You can regenerate the backup code, edit your phone number, and update your authentication method at any time.

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Account Settings


Default Guest Start and End settings are used for global check-in and check-out times. However, if there is a need for a different check-in and check-out time for particular locks within the account, these times can be set on the individual lock's settings page. In this case, the individual lock settings times will overrule the account settings times.

Here's how things work on the database level:

  • when a new lock is created "default guest start/end time" is empty (no default for this)
  • when an account is created "default guest start/end time" does have the defaults of 4 PM and 11 AM.
  • for Airbnb, the system "guest start/end time" we first lookup the value on the lock. If not present, we take account value (which is always present and can be the default or user set).
    • Please take note of the option to "Always use these Default Guest Times for guests generated by Airbnb or HomeAway". Be sure to enable this option if you prefer to use the start/end times specified in the connect portal or disable this option if you prefer to use the start/end times specified in your integration's app.

How things work in the User Interface:

  • in the account settings "default guest start/end time" is always populated with the database value. This value might be the default or user set but it always exists in the database.
  • New locks have empty/null values for these fields. In this case, we take account values (user set or default) and populate the lock settings page with it. It makes sense to do this as account values will be used when a guest is created. Also, we provide more info to the user.
  • When a user updates "default guest start/end time" in lock settings page, we show user-set values for that lock (account fallback not used). This is per field, so lock "default start time" might be user set, but "default end time" might fall back to use corresponding account value.

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Number of Digits for Auto Generated PIN

Sets the number of digits for a PIN that is generated automatically through the system via an integration. Some of our partner integrations (Airbnb for example), do not specify a pin number for the guest code. In these cases, the system will assign a randomly generated pin number for the guest code. This setting allows users to set the length of this randomly generated pin number between 4 and 6 digits in length. 4 digits is the default, but owners wanting more security can select 5 or 6 digits.

Below the Number of Digits for Auto Generated PIN filed is the option to "Conceal PIN codes throughout the application, click or tap to reveal code". Select this option to protect from "over the shoulder" viewing and ensure another level of security. Selecting this option will censor and conceal any pin codes that are visible throughout your account. To reveal and un-censor these codes, you'll simply click on the starred code and click the code again to re-conceal.

Enable Health Tile in Dashboard

Select this option if you would like your Lock Power Ratings, Access Events, and System Status displayed on the dashboard.


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Receive Weekly Summary

The Weekly Summary is an email that is sent once a week that provides an overview of what has happened on the account over the last week. Click to subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.


Included items in the email are:

Access Events - locked, unlocked, access denied frequency graph.

Access Users and Guests - Number of users and guests pie chart.

Account Activity - activity log of changes to the account.

Access Activity - most active doors and most active access users and guests bar graph.

Issues - potential issues with devices such as low battery warnings and offline/online alerts.

Delete Account

This action is permanent and we have no way to restore your account.
If you still wish to continue, press the delete button at the bottom of the page.

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From the Billing tab, you can see an overview of all paid items, Your current Subscription, the selected and available Billing Plans, your Credit and Debit Card Information, and all your previous invoices and documents available for download. On this page, you can upgrade or downgrade your billing plan at any time by simply clicking on the plan you would like to change to. 






Additional information on all of our Billing Plans is available in the Billing article. 

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