ResortLock: Lock Management

For additional information, please visit our: ResortLock FAQs and Troubleshooting Guide


Locks Menu

To view your ResortLocks, click on "Locks" at the top of the page. 


For accounts with several Locks and/or Locations, the Locks section can be helpful to search for a particular lock.

Selecting an individual lock will then bring you to the lock detail view where you can edit lock settings or generate new guest codes. You can also do this from the Dashboard. 

Adding New ResortLocks

To add a new ResortLock to your account, click on your account name in the top right corner and select "Register Device".


In the Register Device form, enter the required information:

  • Device Type- (Lock)
  • Enter the 16 Digit Serial Number
  • Name your lock (ex. Front Door)
  • Select the Location for your lock (or create one if no Location exists yet)

Click "Register" to complete adding your lock to your account.

Lock Management

Under the "Locks" tab, click on the lock's name to manage this device. 


Each individual locks management menu includes a tab for Guests, Calendar, Settings, and Access Instructions. 


The Guest tab shows current, pending, and expired guests for this lock. New guest codes can be created by clicking on the "Create" button.


The Calendar View shows all of your guest bookings on a monthly calendar.



The Settings tab includes all of the information regarding your lock. 


Name: This is the name of your lock. You can edit the lock name here at any time by updating this field and clicking "Save". 

Serial Number:  Your lock's unique 16 digit serial number. This cannot be edited. If your serial number was incorrectly entered, you will need to delete the lock and add again with the corrected serial.

Location: Change the location of your lock.

Default Guest Start & End Times: When you are adding any guest codes to this lock, these are the times that the start and end of the code will automatically default to. 

Delete ResortLock: To delete your lock, press the Delete ResortLock button in the lower-right corner of the page. Confirm to delete your lock from your account.

Note: Deleting your lock will not remove the existing guest codes and local user codes from your lock. Please see the ResortLock FAQs article for how to delete a guest code, or your user manual for how to delete a local user code. 


Access Instructions

When you add a lock to your account, the system automatically includes operating instructions for the lock model being added. You can then view or modify those instructions in this tab.

These Access Instructions are included in the email that is sent to your guest when a code is created and you include your guest's email in the Add Guest screen.

Click here for additional information about the Guest Email Template.


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