Dashboard Health Bar and Icon meanings

The tile displayed at the top of the Dashboard is called the Health Bar and displays your lock(s) Lock Power Ratings, Access Events, and System Status.
The Lock Power Ratings icon is a pie chart inclusive of all the locks in your account and their current battery power ratings. The ratings (Critical, Low, or Good) are clickable links and will take you to the Devices tab where a list of all the locks with that power level are displayed.
Offline devices will also be displayed in the pie chart.
Click any of the ratings below to see more details.
The Access Events icon is a line graph indicating all the Locked, Unlocked, and Access Denied events over the past 7 days. The Events (Locked, Unlocked, Access Denied) are clickable and will take you to the Reports tab where a list of all these events are displayed.
System Status will either display a green checkmark icon indicating there are "No Issues" with your locks or an orange (yellow) exclamation icon indicating "Reported Issues".
Clicking the Reported Issues link below the icon will open a popup box with a list of all the issues currently affecting your locks.

Dashboard Device Tile Icons

Lock Status, WiFi, and Battery strength are displayed on both the dashboard and devices management view.
The lock icon will display green and unlocked when the lock in question is unlocked and will display red and locked when the lock is locked. If a lock or unlocked command is sent (by clicking the lock icon) this command will be received at the lock when the lock wakes up with a key press or a heartbeat interval. The lock icon will display as yellow (with a small clock in it) in this case. If you hover over it in the yellow state, it will tell you how much longer remains before the lock will lock/unlock as you commanded it to. 
The WiFi signal bar is displayed in either green, yellow (orange), or red (!) indicating Good, Low, or Critical WiFi strength. 
If you hover over this WiFi icon, it will display strength according to the number of bars being received. 

4 bars: Excellent
3 bars: Good
2 bars: Fair
1 bar: Weak
0 bar: Offline
Battery strength is displayed in either green, yellow (orange), or red indicating Good, Low, or Critical battery levels. If you hover over it, the icon will indicate a more precise strength percentage from 0% - 100%, as well as when the battery reading was last updated. 
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