Guest Email Template Formatting

You can format body text within your guest email template with "markdown" formatting (a simple code for styling your text). 

Markdown styling options

Here's our cheat sheet on how to use markdown. You can find the original version at Github

Text effects

You can add these effects:

  • Bold: **text** 
  • Italic: *text* or _text_ 
  • Strikethrough: ~~text~~ 
  • Code word: `text` 


  • Hyperlink: [text] (link URL) without the space between the [text]  and (link URL) 


  • Header 1 (largest font size): # text 
  • ...
  • Header 6 (smallest font size): ###### text 


  • Bulleted list: - text 
  • Numbered list: 1. text  
  • Second indent: leave a space before the dash or number

Note: please ensure there is a return (line break) above the list start, and that there is space between the dash or number and text. 


  • Left aligned: nothing -- this is the default
  • Right aligned: => text  
  • Center aligned: =| text  
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