Two Factor Authentication

The Connect portal offers two-factor authentication to work as an extra step in the login process and act as a second security layer to reconfirm your identity.

In your account, under "Account Settings," you'll see an option to "Require two-factor authentication for all members."



Please note, once two-factor authentication has been enabled, all admins and members will be required to set up two-factor authentication the next time they sign in.

Once enabled, you'll be required to add a phone number to link to your account after the next login attempt.

You'll see the following message: "The owner of this account requires two-step authentication for all users. Start the setup by adding your phone number. The phone number will have to include the country code and be entered without any dashes, brackets, or parentheses. Exmple: +17891234567


After providing this information, the system will text you a unique, one-time use code to verify the number. You'll need to enter the code to verify your phone number. The text you receive should look something like the image below. You'll enter that information in the "Verify Your Phone" popup.

IMG_E6C7C5142155-1.jpeg Screen_Shot_2018-06-18_at_11.38.32_AM.png

Enter the verification code and click "Verify Phone."

The system will provide you with a Backup Code. This backup code allows you to bypass two-step authentication. Please be sure to write this backup code down and store it in a secure place or take a screenshot of the code and email it to yourself for future reference.


That's it! Two-step authentication has been enabled! From now on, when you sign in to your account on a new device, we'll ask you for both your password and two-step verification code.


Future sign-in requests will trigger a two-factor authentication code. The request for the code will look like this: 


and the verification code text message will look like this:


If you didn't receive the verification code, you'll have the option to have it resent from the portal. If you can't access your phone, you'll have the option to choose another verification method. If you choose another verification method, you'll be able to choose to "use the code received via sms" or to "use the backup code" you were initially provided. You will also have the option to submit a change of password request.


If you experience difficulty logging in to the mobile app after turning on two-factor authentication. You may need to disable this setting by logging in to your account on a computer browser and deselecting the requirement under account settings. After saving the settings and no longer requiring two-factor or two-step authentication you should be able to login to the app without issue.





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