ResortLock FAQs and Troubleshooting Guide

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding the RL 2000 and RL 4000 ResortLock (non-connected) locks by RemoteLock


RL 2000 / 4000 Operating Algorithm

Q) How do ResortLocks communicate with the portal? 

A) Inside the ResortLock is a computer chip that runs a complex algorithm. This algorithm is able to compute what the code should be during any given time period. One way to think of it is that the lock is pre-loaded with codes.

For example, if you wanted to give your guest access to your property from Friday at 2:00pm to Sunday at 12:00pm, your lock would already know that the code should be, say, 1234567890. The other part of the equation is our online code generation software, which is what you need to be able to know what code is going to work on the lock for any given period of time.

The ResortLock online code generation software contains the exact same algorithm that the lock’s computer chip has. So, essentially, your computer will know what your lock is thinking because they were both “pre-configured” to make the same computations and, as a result, come up with the same codes.


Instructions to Program a Fob to a Lock

Q) How do I program a fob to a lock?

A) Below are the instructions for your programming keys.

1) The first step to this procedure would be to locate the reset button on the device. It'll be below the plastic housing of the batteries once you remove the battery pack cover. It's between the 'lip' where the cover fits in and the edge of the plastic case of the battery pack. You'll need a toothpick, paper clip or mind powers to press the button.

2) Once you locate the reset button, you'll have to press it down until the light turns solid green on the lock. This can be anywhere from 1-5 seconds. As long as the light is solid green, you're good to go. Release the reset button and the light should remain solid green. You will get two beeps from the lock when you release the reset button. While the light is solid green and the reset button is released, hold the blue programming key up to the iButton reader of the lock. You'll get two more beeps.

3) Now that step is complete, wait for the green light to go off and hold the black programming key up to the ibutton reader of the lock. You will get two additional beeps. The update is complete.

4) Now we'll need to hold the reset button down for ten full seconds until the green light on the front of the lock begins to blink. Release the reset button when the light begins to blink and hit the # key. You'll get three beeps. The software is now completely updated and the lock is ready to be programmed again.


Resetting the ResortLock

Q) How do I reset a ResortLock?

A) To reset the lock back to factory default settings, press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds until the light on the front of the lock starts flashing green. Release the reset button and press the # key to confirm. You will receive 3 beeps if successful.

Once reset, go ahead and create your master code and set the date and time of the lock.

After resetting the lock it will be back to default settings. The default master code is 123456

Q) How do I reset the master code?

A) To set new master code:

# Default master code # 11 # new master code # new master code #

Set the date and time (time must be in military time)

# master code # 88 # yymmddhhmm #

Q) How do Invalidate a Temporary Code?

 A) To Invalidate a Temporary Code use the following sequence: *,071502,# (green light should be on), ENTER TEMPORARY CODE, # (green light should flash),ENTER TEMPORARY CODE AGAIN, # (green light should show and two beeps should sound).


Guest Code Not Working

Q) Why is the guest code I programmed not working?

A) There are a few reasons this could be. If the guest code isn't working, but the local codes are working fine: 

  • Make sure you did not grant "One-time Access" when creating the guest code (This will allow the code to work once, and only once, during the designated times)
  • Guest codes will only work if created for 364 days or less. Make sure the duration of the code is 364 days or less
  • The date and time set on the lock may be inaccurate. Try resetting the date and time by entering this sequence on the keypad: # mc # 88 # yymmddhhmm # 
    • Note: (ResortLocks run on a 24 hr. clock. To format the date and time correctly, an example would be: 2:45PM on July 12, 2010 = 1007121445). When programming this on the lock, it would be:  # mc # 88 # 1007121445 #
  • If no guest codes have every worked on this lock, make sure that the serial number registered on the portal is correct. 

Additional information is available in our ResortLocks Guest Codes article


ResortLock Software

Q) Do I need to buy a ResortLock branded iButton?

 A) Yes, we only support our LockState / ResortLock branded ibuttons and do not support any third party products. If you would like to purchase an ibutton directly from us, please contact support or sales.

Q) Could my guests shorten their code or change their code?

A) Yes, to shorten a 10-12 digit ResortLock code: Press and hold * for about 2-3 seconds until you see a solid green light. Once you see the solid green light, enter the 10-12 digit code, then #, then enter the shorter code, followed by #. Finally, test the code to ensure it's working. 

  • NOTE: A shortened code cannot be duplicated within the last 25 code changes, otherwise it will not program properly. If the lock blinks red after following the sequence above, try a different shortened code that has not been recently used by another guest.
    • Example: Guest 1 shortens their code to 123. Guests 2 through 24 use their own distinct codes. Guest 25 attempts to shorten their code to 123 as well. Guest 25 will see a red light after entering the sequence, and the shortened code will not work to unlock the door. They will need to create a new shortened code that has not been used by any of the previous 25 guests who also shortened their codes. 

Q) Why am I receiving a "IBFS32.DLL not found" error when attempting to launch the legacy ResortLock Software? 

A) This particular error is going to indicate missing 1-wire drivers prior to installing the software. Here is the updated driver link in order to download before installing the ResortLock software: 

  • Note: This may also appear as a more generic error that says "Please check your pc iButton reader is on the right port"

Q) Why am I receiving an error that says "The operating system is not presently configured to run this application"?


A) This error appears when the Windows version you are using is not compatible. The software is only compatible with Windows 7 and below. 


Lock Operation Guide and General Information

• Door Handle: The handle is reversible so it will fit both right and left-handed doors. The handle will always turn even when the door is locked. However, when locked, the exterior handle will not retract the latch. The interior handle will always retract the latch.

• One-time Access Guest Codes. Selecting "One-time Access" during the guest creation will only allow the designated pin code to work once before expiring. The code must be used between the indicated start and end times and will only work for one entry.


• Exit Programming Mode: Enter * to exit programming mode, or wait for 10 seconds.

• Low battery warning: When batteries are low, the red LED will flash and beep five times after entering a valid User Code.

• Unlocking indicator: Green light will flash and beep twice.

• Locking indicator: No light and will beep twice.

• Reset: To reset the lock back to factory default settings, press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds until the light on the front of the lock starts flashing green. Release the reset button and press the # key to confirm. You will receive 3 beeps if successful. Manufacture Default Settings:

• Daylight Saving Mode: Disabled

• Auto Lock/Unlock: Disabled

• Lock Mode: Storehouse

• Default Programming Master Code: 123456

• Test Code: 0 # Unlocking the Door: There are several ways to unlock the lock, including the following methods:

• Keycode: Enter a User Code, then press #

• iButton: Touch the iButton key to the lock reader

• iButton+Keycode: Touch the iButton key to the lock reader, then enter User Code and press #

• One time service code: Enter one-time code, then press #

• Manual key: Insert and turn the override key 90 degrees clockwise, then turn the handle


Terms and ResortLock Vocabulary

Master Code (MC): The master code enters the lock into programming mode. It will not lock or unlock the door. If more than 6 seconds pass in between programming entries, the lock will return to normal operational status. For maximum security, change the default Master Code.

User code: User Codes are the normal codes for day-to-day operation.

Service Code: Service codes can be used for maintenance personnel or vendors. Service codes only grant one-time access. A total of 10 sets of service codes can be programmed into each lock.

Passage Mode: When Passage Mode is enabled, the lock will stay in an unlocked status after a valid entry code is entered. Enter a valid entry code to re-lock the door.

Storehouse Mode: For each valid entry, the lock will automatically re-lock after 5 seconds.

Time Format:

24 hr. clock ~ 8:30AM = 0830; 5:30PM = 1730 Schedule Date: 1=Mon, 2=Tue, 7=Sun


Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Program a new Master Code into the lock. The Master Code DOES NOT unlock or lock the door. It is only used to program your lock. The default Master Code is 123456. For security purposes, you will need to change this to your own Master Code. Decide on a new Master Code and write it here: _____________ To program a new Master Code, enter the following into the lock’s keypad: # 123456 # 11 # Your Master Code # Your Master Code Again # If done correctly, after the last # you press you’ll hear 2 beeps with 2 green flashes.

Step 2: Program the Date & Time. Some functions on the lock will not work unless the date & time are programmed. To program the date & time, enter the following: # Master Code # 88 # YYMMDDHHMM # Example: If the date and time is 05/30/2010 at 3:32PM, you would enter: # Master Code # 88 # 1005301532 #

Step 3: Program a User Code into the lock. **Important: Your lock will not lock until a valid User Code is programmed and used on the lock. User Codes are the codes you will use to unlock and lock your door. These codes will remain active in the lock until they are deleted (if desired). Up to 800 permanent codes can be programmed into the lock. Here is how: # Master Code # 01 # 1-9 digit user code # # # # If done correctly, you will hear two beeps after pressing the 3rd #, then a red light after the 4th #.

Step 4: Set the Passage Mode. (Optional) Your lock is shipped in Storehouse Mode. This means the lock will re-lock 5 seconds after it is unlocked. To change this to passage mode, enter the following: # Master Code # 15 # 1-7 Schedule # hhmm start, hhmm end # Example: If you want the lock to always be in Passage Mode, enter: # Master Code # 15 # 1234567 # 0001 2359 # (7 days of the week from 12:01AM to 11:59PM)

Step 5: Enable Daylight Saving Time. If you live in an area that observes Daylight Saving Time, you will want to enable this function. Enabling does not change the current time on the lock. The time will change according to the U.S. Daylight Saving Time schedule. To enable, enter: # Master Code # 31 #


Complete List of Manual Programming Functions

1. To change or create a new Master Code (and not delete existing user codes): # current or default mc # 11 # 1-9 digit new mc # 1-9 digit new mc #

2. To change Master Code (and delete all user codes): # current or default mc # 22 # 1-9 digit new mc # 1-9 digit new mc #

3. Set date & time - (24 hr. clock, Example: 2:45PM on July 12, 2010 = 1007121445) # mc # 88 # yymmddhhmm #

4. Enter one or more User Code with no restriction (for multiple users, repeat highlighted) # mc # 01 # 1-9 digit user code # # #

5. Enter one or more iButton key with no restriction (for multiple users, repeat highlighted) # mc # 01 # Hold iButton key to lock reader # #

6. Enter one or more iButton key + User Code with no restriction (for multiple users, repeat highlighted) # mc # 01 # 1-9 digit user code # Hold iButton key to lock reader # #

7. Enter one or more User Code with time restriction (for multiple users, repeat highlighted) (beginning time) (ending time) # mc # 01 # 1-9 digit user code # yymmddhhmm # yymmddhhmm #

8. Enter one or more iButton key with time restriction (for multiple users, repeat highlighted) (beginning time) (ending time) # mc # 01 # iButton key yymmddhhmm # yymmddhhmm #

9. Enter one or multiple iButton + User Codes with time restriction (for multiple, repeat highlighted) (beginning time) (ending time) # mc # 01 # 1-9 digit code # iButton key yymmddhhmm # yymmddhhmm #

10. Enable Passage Mode (1=Monday, 7=Sunday) # mc # 15 # 1-7 Schedule # hhmm start hhmm end #

11. Disable Passage Mode

12. Enable/ disable LED blink (2 beeps = blink off ~ 4 beeps = blink on) *Warning: enabling blink mode will drain batteries more quickly. Lock will blink red when locked, green when unlocked.

The complete list of Manual Programming Functions can be found in the RL4000 Installation and Local Setup (ResortLock) help center article as well as the RL2000 Installation and Local Setup (ResortLock) help center article. 

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