Guesty Integration Overview and Instructions

Start by finding your RemoteLock API Key within the Guesty Marketplace.

Log in to your Guesty account ( and choose "Marketplace" from the "Integrations" menu.


Search for "RemoteLock" or filter by Home Automation. Click the RemoteLock tile.


Click the blue "Connect" button near the top right of the page.

Click the "API Key ******" box. The key will be copied to your clipboard.


You'll paste the key into the Guesty Integration tile in the RemoteLock portal and click 'Connect'.

Screen_Shot_2021-12-01_at_5.24.04_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2021-12-01_at_5.24.19_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-12-01_at_5.24.33_PM.png

After this, your Guesty listings will appear immediately after valid credentials are entered into the RemoteLock portal, there are no redirects or complications.
Assigning Locks to a Listings is as easy as one-click "Add Door" and works very similar to our Airbnb integration
Common Doors do not need to be associated with a listing and all your lock settings from the RemoteLock portal will work in conjunction with the Guesty integration as expected. For example, we use the start and end time provided by Guesty by default, but those times can be overridden in the RemoteLock Portal Account Settings.
Please note, for WiFi door locks, door access is not assigned retroactively. If you add additional locks to your account after reservations have already been created, you'll need to add access to the new locks manually for the existing guests. 

Associating Doors

To automatically generate guest access PIN codes, the RemoteLock system needs to know which door locks are installed at each rental property. Please see this article for more information.


Receiving reservations: We check Guesty for new reservations or changes to your existing reservations every 30 minutes, and any changes are reflected immediately within the EdgeState Portal

Processing reservations: PINs are generated for all locks associated with the listing for the reservation, and their common doors. Typically, with connected locks, all locks would share the same PIN, except in the case of ResortLocks. The PINs and Access Instructions are sent to Guesty via one of two methods, which are configurable by you (the user) in the Connect portal:

  1. Guesty internal messaging (“conversation”) system, which also emails this info to the guest.
    • In this case, RemoteLock sends the PIN and Access Instructions to Guesty, which should result in two things:
      1. The message (which comes from the "Guest Email Template" in our system) should appear in the Inbox for your reservation on Guesty.
      2. The message should be emailed to the guest from Guesty rather than from our system. 
  2. Guesty Reservation “custom field”.  
    • In this case, RemoteLock sends the PIN directly to that field within the Guesty system.
    • Guesty users can add new fields to the Reservation record on Guesty’s side, (ex. named “Access Code”). The Guesty user can use it to set up custom emails, build reports, etc.

Regarding setting up the Custom Field:

You will need to enable the Custom Field and set it up correctly on the Guesty side. You can see more details on this process from the Guesty support site here: Create a Guesty Custom Field

After enabling the custom field on the Guesty side you'll need to do the same within the RemoteLock portal:


Choose the "Guesty custom field" option, then click on the grey "Guesty custom field for PIN" text - it's a drop-down list:


Click on your Custom Field's name (this could be something like "Access Code"):


Next, the Custom Field should be chosen and then you'll just need to click "SAVE" at the bottom of the screen.


After this, our system will no longer send the Access Instructions as a message to Guesty. Instead, it will add auto-generated PINs to the Custom Field that you created (named "Access Code") within your Guesty Reservation.

Note: You have the option to choose both methods (internal messaging + custom field) if desired. 

Guest Access Notifications

To receive notifications when your guests use their PIN, please see this article for more information.


To stop using an integration or stop automatically generating guest access, the integration can be deactivated. Please see this article for more information.

I hope this helps as a general overview of how the integration works. It is very intuitive and has been a great fit for a lot of our users. If you would like to schedule time to discuss with one of our support agents feel free to schedule a call or contact us anytime!
If you have specific troubleshooting or customer requests feel free to contact Guesty directly at or by contacting your Guesty Account Manager.
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