RemoteLock Mobile App Overview

RemoteLock is mobile-friendly with Apps available for iOS and Android devices.

Start by downloading the RemoteLock App to your iOS or Android device.


iTunes App Store


Google Play Store

Please note, the Android app is for devices with a minimum version of Android 7.0 (Nougat), or higher.


After downloading the App to your phone or tablet you'll have the option to Login, Create a New Account, or recover your password by using the "Forgot Password?" link.

Log in to your account by entering your Email or Username and your Password then select "Login"


To create a new account, select "Create New Account". Enter your Account Name, Email, Password, Primary Use, and select "Create Account".


If you already have an account and forget your password, select the "Forgot Password?" link to initiate a password reset. The "Forgot Password" link will prompt you to enter your email address in the Email/Username field to receive a password reset email. This can also be done from the web portal by following these steps.


The next step in account creation and registration will be selecting a Billing plan (please reference this help center article to see the various options and to choose a plan that best fits your needs). 


After selecting a plan, please add a payment card to access paid features and functionality.


Once payment information has been added, you'll land on the Locations tab where you can add your first location.



Selecting 'Add Location' will take you to the 'New Location' window. You will need to add the Location Name, Time Zone, and the optional information: Contact Phone Number and Address Information.


After adding all the location information you'll land on the 'Locations' tab.

Clicking on the Location will allow you to add a new device to that property.

Please note, you must add a location before adding a device. 


Registering your Device

After clicking into the Location you'll have the option to add a Device. Add and Register a Device by entering your Lock's Name, Serial Number, Model Number, and prepopulated location.


To make this process faster and avoid any potential user errors, you can select "Scan QR Code", allow the App to access your phone's camera, and then scan the QR code on the lock's box or on the back of the lock.


If you select to enter the 'Serial Number Manually', you'll need to select the lock model from the list and then enter the serial number. Please note, the serial number is printed on a sticker on your lock's box and contains the number 0 (not the letter o). 


After scanning the QR code, the 'Serial Number' and the 'Model' will automatically populate. Next, you'll be prompted to Name the device.

Clicking 'Continue' will walk you through the lock's connection to WiFi process. 

Connect the Device to WiFi

Before connecting your lock to WiFi please make sure that your phone's WiFi is turned on.


Continue following the connection steps as stated below.



Before clicking 'My Lock is Ready' please make sure your lock is powered on and Wi-Fi is working. Please make sure your lock has power with 4 new, name brand, AA batteries. Make sure your lock is in WiFi setup mode. To confirm it's in setup mode, you should see a green light flashing every 5 seconds. If not, temporarily pull a battery or try getting the lock into AP (access point) mode by entering the Programming Code > # (or LockState button) > 320 > # (or LockState button).

For additional troubleshooting please see: WiFi Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues Reprogramming and other Network information 


Click Connect to Lock or Skip this Step and connect your lock at a later time.

Clicking 'Connect to Lock' will pair your phone with the lock's MacID to prepare for connection to WiFi.


Click 'Join' to pair your phone with your lock.

Next, you'll connect your lock to your WiFi network via your phone. 


Once your phone pairs with your lock, you'll see a list of available WiFi networks to join.


Select your 2.4 ghz network and enter the network password to pair your lock with WiFi.


Enter your Network's WiFi password when prompted.


Allow the lock to connect to your WiFi network. You should see a confirmation on the screen and / or hear two auditory beeps from the lock if the connection was successful.


When the connection is complete, you'll need to name your lock.


If connected manually, the provisioning flow will look like this:

IMG_3610.PNG  IMG_3611.PNG  IMG_3612.PNG

WiFi Connection Troubleshooting.

If you have any trouble connecting your lock to WiFi using the automated mobile process, please ensure you're following the steps outlined in our WiFi Provisioning Guide, our RemoteLock Start Here Guide, and see our WiFi Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues Reprogramming and other Network information article for additional tips and information. 

Creating Access Codes

After Choosing a Name for your lock and clicking 'Done', you'll land on the Devices tab where your lock will be displayed and you'll be able to create new pin codes, add access users, and guests.


Clicking on the 'Device' tile will take you to the device details view.


Click the 'Access' tab at the top to add an access user or guest.


Click 'Add Access' or the '+' sign and 'Add Access' to start adding a new guest or user.


Fill out all the required fields and toggle the 'Guest Access' slider to add a start and end date and time.


Please note, Guest and User email templates and your account's auto-generated email messages are not supported in the App and will not automatically send. If you would like to send your newly added guest or user an email from our portal, you will need to do this through the web portal (not the Mobile App).


After the lock wakes up (or checks in with a Heartbeat interval) Access Users and Guests will sync and the lock's Events will start to populate.

Click the Events tab at the top to see all the events that have taken place on the lock such as 'Locked', 'Unlocked', 'Access Synced', and 'Access Denied'.


The events will display in chronological order with the user's name, lock name, method of entry, the event (unlock/lock/access denied, etc), and the timestamp with time zone information.

Device View

Back in the Device view, you'll see all the Users and Guests on the lock as well as a few key components. You'll have the option to Remote Lock or Remote Unlock the device using the icon slider bar. The slide bar will indicate when the unlock or lock command is pending and when it completes. The icon will show the command as pending until the lock has woken up. 


Please note, your lock works on a HeartBeat Interval and the Remote Lock and Unlock commands will only be accepted at the lock when it wakes up with a keypress or the scheduled Heartbeat Interval. Please read more about Heartbeat here

IMG_3652.PNG IMG_3651.PNG IMG_3654.PNG

Updates, Navigation, and Additional Information

Please note: Because the app pulls data and does not receive data automatically when it changes on the server, you will need to refresh the app (by pulling down on the screen) to get the latest update. In the latest versions of the app the refresh is automated when the app returns to the foreground. Please keep in mind that this behavior will reset any scroll timeline to the beginning instead of the original scroll position. 

Clicking the "hamburger icon" or the triple bar in the upper left hand will open the navigation drawer.


Within the navigation drawer, you'll find a link to our Help Center (Help & Support),


a link to Edit your Plan and Account Information (My Account),


and the Locations tab to navigate to the Main page or the Locations page.


Selecting Locations will allow you to narrow down your Device View and edit the location you select.

Please note, the Mobile App is a limited interface and most functions and lock settings will need to be adjusted or made in the actual web portal (

The App does not have in-depth lock configurations such as Heartbeat and Integration settings.

The App does not have schedule information, guest email template, or access instruction configurations.

All these commands and settings must be edited and added through the web portal.

We offer a wealth of online support articles, so we urge everyone to explore our help center!

In addition, please do not hesitate to contact support or schedule a call with one of our trained technicians. We are here to answer questions, address concerns, and correct discrepancies.

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