Automated Email Status

From the 'Automated Email Status' tab, you can see a detailed list of all the access instructions that have been sent from your account.

If you ever have a question such as "why am I or my guests not receiving access instruction emails" this part of the portal will help you see whether or not these emails were sent and their current status. For a better understanding of our email and text systems, please see our 'Notifications and how they work' article. 

To get to the 'Automated Email Status' tab, start by clicking the 'Advanced' tab at the top of the portal, clicking the 'Automated Emails' tab, then selecting the 'Automated Email Status' tab from the left side of the page. 


This status page will display the following columns:

'Notifiable' which is the guest or user that the email was intended for.

'Status' which is whether or not the email was Delivered, Pending, Or Failed.

'Time Frame' which is the time you selected to schedule the email (Guest Message Times = 1 - 7 days before start time, 12 hours before start time, and 4 hours before start time and are set in the Guest Message Times tab). 

'Deliver At' is the time the email should be delivered.

'Delivered At' is the time the email was actually delivered.

'Created At' is the time when the original request was created in the system. 


Automated Email Status Meanings

Pending- This means that the message has been scheduled but has not gone out yet. When the status is pending, you will also see a "Timeframe" and "Deliver At" date listed. 

Delivered- The message has been delivered. When the status is delivered, you can see when it was delivered under the "Delivered At" column. 

Enqueued- This status should only appear if you have an active integration. This means the message is ready and is in the queue to be sent at the pre-designated time. A message should never be enqueued for more than a minute, so if you see this status, please refresh your page to assure it goes to "Pending" or "Delivered" status. 

Please contact support if you believe any of your emails are not being sent, received, or reported in this Status tab.

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