Adding an ACS Device to the Remotelock Portal (Mercury Security ACS Integration)

Adding an ACS in RemoteLock Video Explanation:

Deleting and Re-adding a Door Video Explanation:

First, you should write down the device's serial number and make note of any inputs (DPS/REX).


After checking the wire diagrams for proper wiring and subscribing to proper billing plan, Log into Edge|State, click the Integrations tab, and choose Mercury Security.

mercuryintegration.pngThis will take you to the ACS page. You can also get to this page by clicking the Advanced tab, then ACS.

From here, click Add Controller.


In the window that appears, fill in controller name, serial number, and location.

Picture1.pngClick 'Create' and allow the controller to go through the detect configuration process.

detectconfigprocessacs.pngWhen complete, the loading bar will disappear and the cloud icon will turn green.

completeacsadd.pngAdd any REX buttons or door sensors (DPS) in prospective door’s Door Settings.



The following ports will be used for Mercury and must be opened on your network:

3001 - TCP
67 - UDP
68 - UDP

If the detect configuration loading bar never finishes, check your ethernet connection and then contact support.


Any ACS system will bring up the maximum number of doors that it can provide, which is at least two If any unused doors are not deleted within a day, they will be accounted for in billing.


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