RemoteLock Mobile Key Reader Setup

RemoteLock introduces mobile credentials to the platform via an ACS compatible reader.  The RemoteLock Mobile Key reader can be connected to the ACS Mercury Control to accept both mobile credentials (via iOS and Android devices) and Prox cards.


Getting Started

After installing the Mobile Key reader and connecting to RemoteLock's ACS Mercury panel, go to the Integrations section to activate the Mobile Key mobile credential functionality. 


Click into the RemoteLock Mobile Key Integration tile to view options:


Add Installer(s)

In order to provide credentials to a reader, the reader will need to be registered with your RemoteLock account.  This registration process can be done by users that you designate as an installer.  When installers open the mobile app, they are provided additional functionality within the app to register a reader.  Normal mobile app users will not have access to this function.


Note: Adding an Installer only provides the user the ability to register a device. It does not also provide access, or the ability to unlock the door. To allow an installer to also unlock the door, you must add them as an Access User to that door.

Set Mobile Key Installed Doors

Click on the Devices section in the left-hand menu to set which ACS doors have a Mobile Key Reader installed and are eligible for mobile credentials.



Download MobileKey App

After adding an Installer in the EdgeState web app, this user (which may be yourself) will receive an email invitation to the address provided.  This email should be viewed on the installers mobile phone to proceed with setup. This email will contain:

(1) a link to the MobileKey app to download and (2) a link to enroll their mobile device with the RemoteLock system.


Click on the link within the email invitation to download the app from either the App Store or Google Play.


Once downloaded, open the MobileKey App.  The user is asked to allow permission to both Bluetooth and Remote Notifications.  Accept both to continue.  Because the mobile credential system utilizes Bluetooth, you must have Bluetooth enabled on your phone.  Remote Notifications also need to be allowed to manage credentials.

AllowPermissions.png IMG_1437.PNG IMG_1438.PNG

From the MobileKey app, you'll have the option to update settings and set the proximity for users (how far from reader to detect the credential) as well as other customization.

Download Installer Credential

After downloading the MobileKey app, go back to the invitation email and click on the link in step 2 to enroll your mobile phone as an installer.

IMG_1439.PNG IMG_1440.PNG Screen_Shot_2019-06-28_at_12.48.37_PM.png

Clicking this link will launch your mobile app and enroll your device.

Reader Registration

After installing and powering the Mobile Key Reader, the LED ring will illuminate amber. The reader must be registered by the MobileKey app by someone with “Installer Permissions”.  After the
reader is registered, the illumination ring will change to blue.


After following the steps to Accept the MobileKey credential with ”Installer Permissions,“ press the “>” located to the left of the Location Name in the app.


In the upper-right of your screen, click on the “+” icon to add a new reader to this Location.


Next, you'll be prompted to Name the RemoteLock Reader. 

We suggest a descriptive name that will make management easier, such as “Front Entrance Door” or similar. It is also advised that the name used matches the name of the door within the access control system (ACS), if applicable so that two different names do not exist for the same door or entrance. Whatever name is chosen will be displayed in the list of readers for that Location.


After naming your device, click next to continue Enrolling.


Hold your device up to the reader until you receive a Device Enrolled notification.  Your reader is now ready to use.

mobile-key-reader-blue-ring-w-phone.jpg   deviceenrolled.png

Reader Configuration

Clicking into your reader will allow you to 'Configure' the reader. This must be done within range of the reader (within 10 feet).

ConfigureReader.png     ConfigureReader.png

Click "Configure" to enter into the Configure Settings mode.  Here you will see three configurable settings.


Low Power Mode

Enabling Low Power Mode turns off the rear facing LEDs and dims the front LEDs so the reader consumes less power. Reader performance is the same in either mode.

Card Type

  • FSK (Frequency Shift Key) - Used in HID Prox, AWID, and Lenel
  • ASK (Amplitude Shift Key) - Used in GE/CASI

Note: Installer should choose FSK unless otherwise specified.

Bluetooth Range

The Bluetooth Range setting allows users to either present their phone as a card or leave their phone in their pocket to access the door.

  • Further - allow users to leave their phone in their pocket and simply touch the reader to unlock.
  • Closer - require users to present their phone as a card close to the reader


Next: Issuing Mobile Key Credentials


Please contact support with any additional questions or concerns.

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