Vacation Rental Integrations - Guest access notifications

When integrated with a Vacation Rental service such as Airbnb or VRBO, you can choose to receive a notification when a guest accesses the property.

First, follow this article to add your Notification Contacts such as phone number for text or an email address.

Then, find the Settings section in your integration:homeaway_listings.png


Within this area, you will be able to enable "Send notification on Guest Access":guest_access_notifications.png

If you would like to only be notified the first time the guest uses their PIN, check the "First Access Only" box.

Then choose which Notification Contact type you had previously set up. After choosing the type, a drop-down box should appear - for an Email type, it will appear as "Email Notification Contact". You may then click this box and choose the email contact that you had previously set up.

Be sure to Save changes. Note that this change will only affect newly generated guests for this integration. To be notified for guests that already exist in the RemoteLock system, notifications will have to be added to those guests individually.

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