CSV Bulk Import Access Users

From 'Access', you'll land on the 'Access Users' tab. 

Selecting the 'Import Access Users' button will give you the option to bulk import a list of Access Users or Guests.


Clicking the 'Import Access Users' button will pop up a form.

Click the 'Download CSV template' button to download a template in the required format.


The template will look like this:



  • Name (Required)
  • Email (Optional)
  • Department (Optional)
  • Start date (format "YYYY-MM-DD")
  • Start time (format "HH:MM")
  • End date (format "YYYY-MM-DD")
  • End time (format "HH:MM")
  • Pin (Optional)
  • Prox (Optional)

Additional information

  • One CSV file can contain both access user & access guest records.
  • The date fields (Start date, End date) have to be provided either all or none.
  • If you do include a date range (Start and End dates and times), access will be granted as an 'Access Guest'. If the date and time fields are left empty, it will create an 'Access User'.
  • If no Pin or Prox card is provided, a random PIN will be generated.
  • The columns can be in any order.
  • Access emails can be generated after the upload if you select the option to "Automatically email access instructions after import"

After filling out the spreadsheet template with the appropriate information in the correct format, select the required 'Door Access' information, location information, and click Import.


If the import was successful, you'll see a confirmation pop up at the bottom of the screen.


Check the email address associated with the account for the confirmation email sent from RemoteLock: 'Finished processing your CSV file'


The email should confirm that 'We've finished importing the submitted CSV records. You should see the new access persons listed in the access section.

Screen_Shot_2019-08-01_at_5.05.23_PM.pngThe email will read: 'We've finished importing the submitted CSV records. You should see the new access persons listed in the access section.'

The access persons imported will show up in your account after the confirmation has been received.

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