Using the Mobile App to Connect your Lock to Wi-Fi

Please see our RemoteLock Mobile App Overview for a complete guide to using the mobile app.

Start by downloading the RemoteLock App to your iOS or Android device.


iTunes App Store


Google Play Store

Please note, the Android app is for devices with a minimum version of Android 7.0 (Nougat), or higher.

Start by clicking Add Lock.


Or utilizing the + addition sign and selecting Add Lock


Next, you'll scan the QR code on the sticker printed on your lock's box.


Select the lock Model (if it wasn't selected in the QR code configuration)


Next, ensure your lock and phone are ready to perform WiFi setup. Please make sure your phone's WiFi is turned on.


After clicking Continue you'll land on the next page to ensure your lock is ready for connection by being in AP (access point) mode or 'Wi-Fi setup mode'.


After all the checks are done, you can try connecting your phone to the lock. The phone will try to connect to the Lock's SSID containing 'RemoteLock-MacID'.


After connecting the lock to your phone, you can connect your lock to the Wi-Fi network.

If an error occurs, you can try adding the information manually or follow the guided steps to resolve the issue.


Next, a request is sent to the lock to return a list of networks that it can see. Networks are displayed along with their signal level.

Select the 2.4 GHz network you would like the lock to join and enter the password.

If an incorrect password is entered, you will be notified and prompted to retry.


Once successfully connected, name your lock and save.


If you're having issues registering your lock or connecting to wifi please see our WiFi Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues Reprogramming and other Network information article 

Please contact support anytime if you have questions, concerns, or see any discrepancies.

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