Creating Mobile Key Credentials

If a RemoteLock Mobile Key Reader is installed and registered in the account, Mobile Key credentials can be provided to access users.  This will allow users to unlock the door via their mobile phone.


To create a new Mobile Key credential, click Add Access User or Add Access Guest on the Dashboard or Access section.  Enter the Access User's Name and Email.  The email address entered is where the mobile credential will be sent.


Click on the Enable Mobile Key check box.  This will trigger the creation of a Mobile Key credential for this user and an email will be sent to the user at the address provided.

Note: if the Enable Mobile Key option is not available, please review the Mobile Key Reader Setup article.

Finally, select the door, group or location to provide access to and Create user.  The doors selected must have a RemoteLock Mobile Key Reader installed for the mobile credential to work.

MobileKey App Setup

After adding a Mobile Key Access User in the EdgeState web app, the user will receive an email invitation to the address provided.  This email should be viewed on the users mobile phone to proceed with setup. This email will contain:

(1) a link to the MobileKey app to download and (2) a link to enroll their mobile device with the RemoteLock system.


Clicking on the link within the email invitation will direct the user to download the app from either the App Store or Google Play.


Once downloaded, the user can open the MobileKey App.  The user is asked to allow permission to both Bluetooth and Remote Notifications.  Both should be accepted to continue.  Because the mobile credential system utilizes Bluetooth, Bluetooth must be enabled.  Remote Notifications also need to be allowed to manage credentials.

AllowPermissions.png IMG_1437.PNG IMG_1438.PNG

Download Installer Credential

After downloading the MobileKey app, the user should return to the invitation email and click on the link in step 2 to enroll their mobile phone as an Access User.

IMG_1439.PNG IMG_1440.PNG Screen_Shot_2019-06-28_at_12.48.37_PM.png

Clicking this link will launch the Mobile Key app and enroll the device.  The Access User is now able to unlock the door with their mobile phone.


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