Transfer of Ownership

Transfer of Ownership Processes 

When a transfer of ownership happens and a RemoteLock product has already been installed, there may be an occasion where the new or previous owner needs to get the device(s) transferred. 

We have established two distinct approaches:



If you bought a property and need to take over the device from the previous owner:

  • Please fill out this: Lock Request Authorization form
  • Sign and date the form and send it back to RemoteLock support at 
  • Only after receiving a signed and dated form will the support team be able to take the appropriate steps to resolve your issue.

If you sold your property and need to transfer the device to the new owner (or need to change ownership/transfer the lock for other reasons):

The best way to transfer ownership is for the new owner to create their own account

The new account owner will need the key to the lock and the lock's serial number. 

Please make sure you copy the serial number down, copy the programming code down, and delete the lock from your account.

After the lock has been deleted from the frontend, you'll need to factory reset the device by entering this sequence:

PROGRAMMING CODE > # > 135 > #

(if resetting a 5i, please use the LOCKSTATE button instead of the # button in this sequence).

After the lock has been reset to factory default, please also erase any old network wifi information from the lock by entering this sequence:

PROGRAMMING CODE > # > 312 > #

(if resetting a 5i, please use the LOCKSTATE button instead of the # button in this sequence).

Before completing these programming commands please ensure the device is no longer registered and has been completely deleted from the portal.


  • Login to your account.
  • Click on Devices.
  • Click on the device in question.
  • Click on the Settings tab.
  • Copy the serial number, model number, and programming code
  • (take a screenshot of the settings page to ensure this information is retained)
  • Delete the Lock and Save.
  • PROGRAMMING CODE > # > 135 > # (factory defaults reset)
  • PROGRAMMING CODE > # > 312 > # (clear wifi network info)

Give the new owners the link to have them create their own account.

Once the device has been deleted off the old account, the new owners will be able to register the device (by adding serial number and model number) and (if it's a connected device) connect it to their wifi network.


In order to mitigate risk, we are not able to provide spare keys to those who have purchased a used safe, purchased a property that has a safe installed, or to those who are original owners of safes, even if they provide proof of purchase. Please reach out to a locksmith for assistance with re-keying the safe or gaining access.

Please contact support if you have any questions, concerns, or need any additional help. 

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