Adding a LOCAL user code to the lock

Keypad Programming Function 110 (for wifi connected RemoteLock devices)

This programming function along with all function codes can be found in your device's installation or user manual. Please contact support with any questions or concerns.

110: Add Local User Code

Local user codes are intended to be used as a backup to User Codes created via the internet.If the internet is unavailable, you can program a Local Code via the keypad at the lock. No access schedules can be applied to Local Codes. Codes can be 4-8 digits long.

To add a local code to your lock, enter this sequence on your lock's keypad:

Programming Code > (LOCKSTATE button instead of # if programming a RG 5i model lock) > 110# > LOCAL CODE (max 8 digits) > #

Example: 123456 (programming code) # 110 (function code)  # 4321 (local code) #

Local codes will be visible in the EDGEstate portal on the Device > Settings page after the lock has had time to sync with the portal. 

To remove a local code from a device, simply uncheck the box next to the local code in the portal and allow the lock to wake up and sync.



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