NewBook Integration Overview and Instructions

NewBook has integrated with RemoteLock.

Please follow these instructions to complete the integration between our systems.


Integrating RemoteLock with NewBook

Once your Access Control integration has been activated by NewBook, you will complete the remaining setup from inside your NewBook system.

Step One – Creating Security Areas & Gates in NewBook

Before you are able to link your RemoteLocks with NewBook, you will need to ensure you have created the required Security Areas & Security Gates inside NewBook.

These areas can be accessed using your Search Menu.

A Security Gate should be created inside NewBook for each RemoteLock you have installed.

Security Areas should be created inside NewBook to link a group of RemoteLocks together.

For example, if you require a guest to have access to two or more RemoteLocks using the one Pin or Card, you would create a Security Area with those RemoteLocks attached.

Step Two - Linking RemoteLock to NewBook

  1. Locate and open 3rd Party Integrations from the Search Menu and select Security Gate.

  2. Select RemoteLock from the available Security Gate options.

You will then be prompted to "Click here to connect". This will redirect you to RemoteLock online. Follow the prompts

as requested on the RemoteLock page to allow NewBook access to your account.

Step Three – Mapping RemoteLock to NewBook

Once you have completed the account connection, the NewBook mapping page will appear.

  1. Remote Lock Settings: This section controls how your NewBook codes/cards should export from NewBook to RemoteLock. Ensure you complete all fields in this section according to your business requirements.

  2. Security Gate Mapping: The RemoteLock Devices in this section are pulled directly from your RemoteLock system. Using the dropdown list next to each RemoteLock Device, select the corresponding NewBook Security Gate.

  3. Security Area Mapping: The NewBook Security Areas in this section are pulled from the Security Areas you create inside NewBook.

    Using the dropdown list next to each NewBook Security Area, select the corresponding RemoteLock Door Group. If you do not have an equivalent Door Group setup in RemoteLock, you can opt to ‘Create new Door Group in RemoteLock’ from the available list. This will push the details from the NewBook Security Area into your RemoteLock system for you.

  4. Once all sections of this page have been completed select Save Settings.

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