Ring and RemoteLock Integration

RemoteLock integrates with Ring through a Mobile App to Mobile App Integration.

Additional information is available on the Ring site.

Basically, in the Ring app, you can click on a plus symbol, and then click on RemoteLock, and that will toggle you over to the RemoteLock Mobile App.

The Integration allows a way to get from the Ring App directly to the RemoteLock App (without having to close and open).

Instructions from the Ring site:

Ring App Compatibility With Smart Lock Systems from LockState (RemoteLock)

The Ring app is compatible with smart lock systems from LockState (RemoteLock).

When you receive a call from your Ring doorbell, you will have the option to launch the smart lock app from the Ring app and remotely unlock the door for your guest.

To use:

  • Ensure your Android or iOS device has both the Ring App and the Lockstate, Kisi, or Lockitron app installed.  
    • Note: All devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • When you have an active call from your Ring Doorbell, tap the menu button in the lower right corner (the icon shows 3 horizontal lines).

  • Tap the icon for your smart lock system. You will be taken to that app so you can unlock the door for your guest.

  • Return to the Ring App once you have finished unlocking the door.
    • Note: For iPhone and iPad, tap the red button at the top of the screen to return to the Ring App.


  • Note: For Android, bring down the status bar by dragging down from the top of the screen, then tap the Ongoing Call notification.



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