Streamline VRS Integration Process

This process was provided by Streamline. 

For the Streamline system to communicate with ResortLock, they need to have you update the names in your RemoteLock account.

Please follow these steps to update the names in your RemoteLock account:

1. Go to

2. Sign in to your Lockstate account

3. You see the device list:


4. In Streamline, go to Main Menu -› Configuration -› Vacation Homes Manager

5. Go to the unit edit screen and copy unit name.

For example: "Cherry Grove Villas - 210"


6. Go to back to your RemoteLock account page select the lock assigned to the unit you need to change. Navigate to Settings on the left side.

In this example, the unit name in your Lockstate account is "Cherry Grove Villas Unit 210" Change name to Cherry Grove Villas - 210 (identical unit names in our system)


7. Click Save.

8. Now, in the address bar, copy the Lock ID


9. Go back to the Streamline system and change the ResortLock: RentalPropertyLockID value under the Additional Variables tab in the unit edit screen to the value you just copied:


10. Repeat these steps for all units in your RemoteLock account(s)


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