ResNexus and RemoteLock Integration Overview

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How to setup locks with RemoteLock?

  1. ResNexus orders the locks through RemoteLock.
  2. Amy <> puts them into the Admin portal.
  3. Amy emails RemoteLock to enable the API connection for the account.
  4. ResNexus collects username and password information so they can put in the ID and Secret for the API connection.
  5. Once the door locks arrive at the property, ResNexus will collect the serial numbers and door information the locks are installed on at the property so they can add them appropriately to the ResNexus system.
  6. ResNexus has the property connect the locks to the local WiFi using the Connection Video.
  7. Once the doors are connected to WiFi, ResNexus will put the locks into their ResNexus system. 


  1. ResNexus will then assign Master codes which will be configured in the  RemoteLock system automatically.

Common issues:

  1. Error 300: this means that the lock is not connected to the WiFi.  This can stop us from putting the lock into our system as well as adding master codes.
  2. Changing the time zone in RemoteLock from UTC time to the properties time zone.  This causes an issue because we have a setting that we push out the time that the codes should work, and because everyone is in different time zones we use the UTC time as a default in your system and convert it over from ours.  
  3. ResNexus keeps seeing door locks that get put on the WiFi and work for a while, then only one lock of many gets pulled off the WiFi.  We have tried to have the customer connect the WiFi lock back up to the system but sometimes they are saying that the lock is on WiFi even though our system and the RemoteLock system says that the lock is offline.  When this occurs, ResNexus may ask that you reach out to RemoteLock Support to help get it back online.


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