EdgeState Accounts in Grace Period

Our grace period is 21 days, starting from the date of the subscription renewal date.

Credit Cards are retried every 7 days, not at the time the card on file has been updated. 

Please email billing@remotelock.com if you wish to have your card retried before the automated retry cycle.

If you have a Prepaid Credit subscription, as soon as you load additional subscription credits on to your account, your account will be removed from the Grace Period and reactivated on the spot.

Sample Timeline:

March 1 receive email notifying of the upcoming subscription renewal

March 8the first attempt to charge the card is made.  There will be an email stating that the card was declined and a notice to go into the EdgeState account and update the card.

March 15the second attempt is made.  There will be a second email.

March 22the third attempt is made.  There will be a third email.

March 29 the fourth and final attempt is made.  If the card fails at this point, the subscription is canceled and any discounts on the account are deactivated.  Renewals will be at the full subscription price.

Additional information on how to update your credit card or renew your subscription is available in the Billing article.

Please contact support if you have additional questions or concerns.

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