Spindle Test

The spindle test is performed in order to test the functionality of the motor in our 600 and 700 series locks. We perform this test in the scenario that the lock accepts valid PIN codes, but will remain either in the locked or unlocked position.


Note: The motor is not the only cause for this symptom, and other improper installation processes or incorrectly machined parts can contribute to this issue, and/or cause it to re-occur on new motors if these are not ruled out as the root cause. These other contributing factors will be checked when you speak with our support representative regarding this issue to ensure we confirm the solution for you! 


If the spindle is working as shown below, this means the motor is locking and unlocking the device properly.


If the lock is not working as expected when installed on the door, but this test is successful, it would indicate another issue with the installation or other hardware. These could include an alignment error, the lock being installed too tightly on the door, an issue with the latch, etc.  


To begin, you will remove the lock from the door. This test is not performed while the lock is installed, nor will you need the latch in order to complete this test. Once the lock is uninstalled completely, plug the power cord back into the battery side of the lock as shown, and use the spindle (not the handle) to complete this test, as demonstrated in the GIFs below.

Locked Position:

When the lock is locked (by pressing the * button twice), the spindle will move freely to the right and left. This allows the handle to move without retracting the latch, as the spindle will spin freely:




Unlocked Position:

When the lock is unlocked (by entering a user code followed by #), the spindle will not move in either direction. This allows the spindle to retract the latch when the handle is pulled:





If the spindle continues to move freely whether locked or unlocked, this means the motor is stuck in the locked position

If the spindle remains bound or immovable when locked or unlocked, this means the motor is stuck in the unlocked position

Note: If you have the auto-lock setting enabled on this lock, then it's possible the lock may auto-lock while you are performing the spindle test. To make sure to get accurate results, as soon as you unlock the lock with a user code, test the spindle immediately.



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