Schlage Encode Integration Overview

Schlage Encode integration overview and instructions.

This integration requires you to have previously installed the Schlage Home Mobile App, to have a Schlage Encode account, and WiFi-connected device that is currently online. 

Additional Information:

  • The Schlage Encode app may require you to create your first user during the initial setup flow. It is very important to note that whatever pin you create for the first user in the Schlage App, all subsequent users must use that same length pin. For example, if you add your first user in the Schlage Encode app with a 4 or 6 digit pin, all other guests and users must have a 4 or 6 digit pin in order for them to work.
    • None of the RemoteLock settings can control this but you will need to update the 'Default Pin Length' from your account settings page to reflect this. The default pin length in RemoteLock is 4 digits (by default). If you created a 6 digit requirement in the Schlage Encode App, this setting should be updated to the default, 6 digit length, in RemoteLock as well.
    • To change this pin length requirement, you will need to delete the user and recreate them with a new pin or change that pin to another length from the Schlage Encode App.
  • We will not port over preexisting users from the Schlage Encode app. These pins will continue to work on the device but will produce an 'unknown' sourced event in RemoteLock. 
  • Guest codes will sync once their start date is within 3 days. Until then, they will show pending in the RemoteLock Portal. This is due to the limit on the number of codes that this device can contain. 

Step 1.

Log in to your account and navigate to the 'Integrations' tab. Once on the Integrations page, select the 'Schlage Encode' tile.


The next page will ask you to Add your Schlage Home Account and connect with Schlage Home.

This is necessary to import your Schlage Home locks for management and automation within the RemoteLock portal.


Ensure you are logged in to the correct Schlage Home account and click continue. 

encode6.pngBefore linking your Schlage account, you will need to verify that you have created an account in the Schlage app, you can control your lock with the Schlage app, and that your lock is currently connected to Wi-Fi. If you have everything ready, check all the boxes and continue. 

encode7.png  encode8.png

Finally, you will need to sign in to your Schlage account (using your Schlage App email and password) to authorize and grant access to RemoteLock.


Step 2.

After allowing the connection, you'll see your Schlage Encode locks appear in your RemoteLock EDGEstate account with the option to 'import'.


Click the 'Import' button next to the locks that you would like to add to your list of Devices in RemoteLock EDGEstate.

After clicking Import you'll be asked to choose where the lock is located by selecting a 'location'. 


encode18.pngStep 3.

Now you will be able to add your first access guest or user, view the Events for this device, configure this device's settings, and edit the device's access instructions


After adding an access guest or user, they will appear in the 'access' tab along with their PIN credentials, the option to edit their information (using the pencil icon), the option to delete the guest (using the trash can icon), and their 'sync status'. 

The 'sync status' icon will either be green (success), gray clock (pending), or red for failed. If failed, please attempt to re-sync the credential by clicking the refresh button and checking the locks wifi connection.


The 'events' tab will display the events that have occurred on the lock. This tab will show the time and date the event occurred, the source (who created the event), the type of event (access synced, locked, unlocked, offline, etc.), the Method (where the event was created), and any additional information such as what pin code was used.

Please note: We will not port over preexisting users from the Schlage Encode app. These pins will continue to work on the device but will produce an 'unknown' sourced event in RemoteLock. 

Currently, we are only allowed to call on the Schlage Encode app for events every hour and on a 1-hour interval. We hope to improve this frequency in the future but for the time being, it may take up to 1 hour before events from the lock appear in the RemoteLock app. 


Configure the Lock's settings from the 'Settings' tab. Since this is a third-party device, the only settings that can be configured in the RemoteLock app are the device's Name and Location.

If editing or updating, don't forget to click 'Save'.

Please Note: Not all of the RemoteLock schedule configurations are supported on Schlage Encode devices. You will not be allowed to apply schedules configured in the RemoteLock app to a Schlage Device if they are not supported on that device.


The last tab in the list is the 'Access Instructions' tab. From here, you'll be able to edit the Access Instructions that are included in your Automated Emails.

Access Instructions are device-specific Instructions to be included in your Guest Email template.

Please Note: The Schlage Encode App does not have a concept of guests and users with email addresses, therefore, all access instructions must be sent from the RemoteLock portal.


Deleting a Lock and Disconnecting the Integration. 

To Delete a Lock from the Integration and remove it from the RemoteLock portal, navigate back to the 'integrations' tab, and click the trashcan icon next to the lock you would like to delete.


Confirm Delete and please note:

This will permanently remove all imported Schlage Home devices, however, any access users and guests created in this system will remain active on the locks.


Deleting all the devices from the integration will also remove and disconnect the integration between Schlage Encode and RemoteLock.



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