500 Series OpenEdge Deadbolt (5i/RG) Tailpiece Orientation

Our 500 Series devices rely on the proper orientation of the tailpiece during installation to ensure the lock functions correctly. These GIFs will demonstrate the proper orientation, and how to correct the direction of the tailpiece if necessary. 

See the OpenEdge Deadbolt Installation Manual

First, remove the inside portion of the lock, and look for the small black tailpiece coming through the door. On our Deadbolt models, this tailpiece should be in the HORIZONTAL position when the door is unlocked: 


You will notice this piece does not move freely while the lock is fully installed. In order to correct the orientation, you will need to remove the lock from the door: 


You can then remove the outside facing keypad portion of the lock, and the tailpiece will turn freely: 


Ensure the tailpiece is in the HORIZONTAL position, and the key cylinder is upright in the vertical position. Reinstall through the latch, and replace the back of the lock with the deadbolt in the UNLOCKED position. 

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