ResortLock RL 4000 / LS 6i / LS1500 Keypad Replacement

​​This article will walk you through replacing the keypad on the RL4000, LS 6i, and LS1500 legacy devices. 


​​RL4k.png                              unnamed.png

Figure 1 First, remove the backplate on the keypad side of the lock:

​​unnamed__1_.png                                unnamed__2_.png

Figure 2 Unscrew and pull the motherboard. You may need to use pliers to pull the connections apart:


Figure 3 feed the ribbon back through the hole and peel off the keypad:

unnamed__6_.png      ​​​ unnamed__5_.png        unnamed__4_.png


Installing the keypad membrane:

  1. Please clean the old/existing keypad membrane that is currently on the lock. Make sure the surface is clean and dry prior to applying new membrane. You can use rubbing alcohol and a clean towel for this step.
  2. Once the exterior is dry, take the new keypad membrane and peel the back layer off. This exposes the adhesive backing of the new keypad membrane.
  3. Line up the straight edge of the new keypad membrane (numbers facing out and adhesive side towards the old keypad) to the lower inset edge of the locks keypad.
  4. Apply keypad over the old keypad membrane from the bottom up. Make sure that you firmly press all of the edges and in between all of the numbers. We suggest repeating this process multiple times to ensure that the new keypad membrane is firmly attached.
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