600 Series Motor Replacement (openEDGE Light Duty Commercial Levers - 3i BG)


  1. Remove entire lock from door 
  2. Remove back plate that conceals the internals of the exterior half of the lock


3. You will see a red and black cable feeding from the motor to the circuit board-- Unplug that cable from the circuit board, which is connected to the board by a small white clasp (Note: May need small pliers as this can be difficult sometimes; be careful not to damage clasps or board) 


4. Double check the board and white clasps-- make sure the clasps were not damaged.


5. Remove the old motor from the lock and dispose or set aside.


6. Take the new motor and put the new clasp into the circuit board

  • Note: There is only one way the clasp can fit in. If it’s not fitting, verify that the clasp is not being installed upside down; rotate it accordingly until it snaps in. 
  • Use caution as the motor wires are fragile and may disconnect from the motor if not handled with care.



7. Once the clasp is connected to the circuit board, place the motor into the center hub. When putting the motor in, the wires should be at the top, and the small arrow should be face down. Place the motor into the hub arrow side inwards, so that once it is installed you can only see the square hub that the spindle fits into. 



8. Reinstall the back plate onto the exterior portion of the lock.

9. Perform the spindle test to confirm that the new motor installation is successful. 

10. Once confirmed, install the lock back onto the door. The motor replacement is now complete!

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