500 Series OpenEdge Deadbolt (5i/RG) - Replace Motor


In some scenarios, it may be necessary to replace the motor inside your lock. The following steps detail the process on how to remove the old motor for your DB550 device, and install your replacement. 

After removing your lock from the door, remove the back plate of the interior portion of your lock. You will see 3 small screws holding this plate in place. Once these are removed, the plate will lift off: 


Lift the motor from its seated position. The motor is not attached to the lock, except by the power cord. 


Unplug the power cord from the board of the lock:



You can now attach the cord from your new motor. You can see the notch in the board-side of the connection lines up with the protrusion on the motor side of the power cable. Ensure it snaps fully into place:


You can now re-seat the new motor. The print on the motor should be facing up, with the rear of the motor seated into the notch in the case:


Your motor has now been replaced! You can reference our snapback article for more images and details of proper gear alignment should it be necessary.


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