Battery Drain Issues

If your lock's batteries are dying faster than anticipated, please review the following: 

  1. Are you using a brand name, non-rechargeable, alkaline or lithium batteries? Make sure the appropriate battery type has been selected in the device settings tab.
  2. Check the Heartbeat Interval setting on your device settings page and make sure it is set to 1 hour or more. 
  3. Has any damage occurred to the lock? 
  4. Ensure the green component board located on the interior of the backplate has not come in contact with any of the screws used to hold the lock to the door. Specifically, look at the middle screw you used (in the front of the lock behind the keypad of a 6i) to affix the backplate. Sometimes, if the incorrect screw was used to in the middle of the lock, it can put an indentation in the board causing power issues.
  5. Examine for other damage internally on the power cable, power ribbon, and other connections.
  6. Examine the battery house and bay to ensure the springs are attached appropriately and no damage, moisture, or other exposure has taken place to the housing.
  7. Be sure to set up battery life notifications to know when you'll need to replace your batteries and when they're running low. This is done in the notifications tab and the notification will be sent when the batteries are between 30%-40%.

Please be sure to contact Support if you are unable to determine why you are having issues with your batteries.  


Note on Battery Level

The displayed strength of the battery level takes the battery type specified in the Lock Settings into account. As you can see in the example graph below, the typical discharge curve for Alkaline batteries is a smooth and steady decline. Compare that to Lithium batteries that hold a high voltage for a much longer duration but then fall off a cliff when close to the end of life. Therefore, while 4 alkaline batteries with a reading of 5 volts still has plenty of life left, lithium batteries are near the end of life. In order for the system to give an accurate estimate of battery level, the battery type needs to be set properly.

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