Tenant App by RemoteLock

The Tenant App by RemoteLock gives you (the building's tenant) the ability to provide access to your guests and service people. The Tenant app gives you the ability to create credentials for your guests allowing them to get into the building and your unit with their own PIN code.

If management has invited you to the Tenant App, they're allowing you to manage these aspects of your smart lock.

Tenant App overview

  • After your building's management team has granted you tenant access, you'll receive an email with instructions to download the Tenant App (available in the iOS App and Play store), create your account, and start managing access to your smart lock.


  • After installing the RemoteLock Tenanat App on your mobile device, come back to the confirmation email and click the link to "claim your account", create a password, and continue the registration process. 

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  • If you are not redirected to the app after clicking the link, you can manually copy the invitation code provided in the link, click "Claim Account" in Tenant App and paste the code into the "Invitation Code" field on the sign-in screen.
    • If you forget your password after creating an account, click the Reset Password option on the sign-in screen.
    • Passwords can not include common words or phrases. Please use a combination of capital letters, lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers to pass the password strength gauge. 

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  • You should see a success screen confirming you created an account and are ready to start using the Tenant App by logging in with your email and password. 


  • After logging in to the Tenanat App you'll see the building's location information, your personal PIN code, the ability to remotely lock and unlock your device, and the option to Add a Guest.


  • Sliding the lock and unlock toggle will allow you to lock or unlock your unit from the app. The lock's current lock or unlock state will also be displayed. If the lock is waiting to respond to the command, you'll see 'pending' status in the bar.


  • Click the 'Add Guest' button to add your first guest.
    • Enter the Guest's Name
    • Guest Email (optional)
    • Access Duration (the time frame for the guest's PIN to work)
    • And Common Door Access

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  • Allowing access to common doors will give your guest the ability to unlock the common doors leading to your unit.
    • By default, the guest will only be able to use their PIN on your unit's smart lock.
    • Specific common door access is determined by your building's management team in the Tenant App web settings.


  • Click 'Save' (in the upper right-hand of the form) to create the guest.
  • You'll see the newly created guest, along with their PIN code, start date, and end date on the dashboard.
  • To create another guest, click the yellow plus (+) icon.


  • Click the Guest's profile to see more details, edit the guest's information, share their access instructions, and deactivate the guest.
    • Deactivating a guest will remove all of their access and delete their PIN code. 


  • Clicking 'Share Access Instructions' will give you the option to deliver the guest's PIN information, door access, and additional instructions via text, email, or any other methods your phone provides.

IMG_8253.PNG  IMG_8254.PNG 

    • If you selected to email the access instructions the guest will receive an email like this:


  • Clicking Edit will allow you to edit the guest's information
    • Edit their name and email
    • Access Duration (start date and time, end date and time)
    • Common Door Access 
      • Please note, you can not edit the guest's PIN. 

  • On the dashboard, clicking the pencil icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen will allow you to edit your own PIN code. 
    • Selecting 'Generate new PIN' will randomize a new code to work on your smart lock.
      • Do not share your PIN code with your guests. Instead, give them their own PIN credential by creating them as a guest or resending their access instructions.


  • Click the hamburger icon on the upper left-hand side of the screen to see 'My Account', 'Help & Support', and to Sign Out of the Tenant App.
    • Clicking on the Location will bring you back to the dashboard with the list of your guests.
    • Clicking 'My Account' will allow you to change your password.


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