Tenant App settings and configuration (web portal)

In multifamily buildings, the Tenant App provides a solution to share access control responsibilities between management and the building's tenants.

Management will control the building policies but allow Tenants to manage some aspects of their own lock. Utilizing the Tenant App, tenants can provide access to their own guests, service people, and provide them with their own credentials to get into the building and their unit.

Tenant App - Mobile App Overview

  • From the Primary Owner's account, enable Tenant Settings from My Account > “Tenant Settings”


  • Click "Tenant Settings" and “Enable Tenant Mode”
    • The Enable button will be available for 'Business' and 'Enterprise' billing subscriptions.




  • Follow the prompt to set the default Tenant building access.
    • This is the default building access the Tenant and all of their Guests could be given access to.


  • From the Tenant App, the Tenant will have the option to give their guests access to the common doors leading to their unit, or to their unit alone.


  • After enabling The Tenant App, you'll see the "Tenant Settings" tab available on the left-hand side of an Access User's profile.
    • If the Access User has an email address, the “Grant Tenant Access” button will be available.
    • If the Access User doesn’t have an email address, you'll need to add this information to the User's profile to see the “Grant Tenant Access” button.


  • Grant the Tenant access to the Tenant App from this tab.
    • Click “Grant Tenant Access”
    • Select a Tenant Door and click “Save”




  • The Tenant will receive a confirmation email with instructions to download the Tenant App.


  • The Tenant (Access User) will now show a 'Tenant App' Icon to indicate they have access to the App.
    • The Tenant's guests (added from the Tenant App) will also show as an Access Guest with the Tenant App icon.


  • Clicking into the Access User (Tenant) and the Tenant Settings, you'll see all the Tenant Guests they have added from the app.


  • From the access user's profile page, you'll have the option to Resend the Invite Email, Manage Tenant Access (Change a Tenanat Door and Change a Tenant Building Access), and Remove Tenanat Access.



  • You can delete a Tenant Guests by clicking the trashcan icon or click into the Tenanat Guest.


Please contact RemoteLock Support with any questions or concerns.

For an overview of the Tenant App - Mobile App click here.

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