Using Guesty's "Keycode" and Automated Messaging

What is changing?

Prior to May 2021, RemoteLock accounts integrated with Guesty had two options for delivering generated PIN codes to the guest:

  • Guesty Message System
  • Custom Field

We have now added a new option, which should allow for more flexible Automated Messaging within the Guesty app:

  • Guesty reservation "Keycode"

Note that "Keycode" is meant to replace the previous two options, and all customers must set up Automated Messaging in the Guesty app using the Keycode.

The previous two options, Guesty Message System and Custom Field are being deprecated (removed) by Guesty and will eventually no longer be supported by RemoteLock.

What do I need to do?

First, ensure that "Keycode" is enabled within your Guesty Integration settings in the RemoteLock portal:


All other changes must be done within the Guesty app, so for any customers who are not familiar with Guesty's Automated Messages, please see the Guesty help article on this subject:


How to change from Email/Guesty Message System

1. Within the Guesty app, choose any listing that is integrated with RemoteLock, and navigate to "Auto Message":



2. Click the "New Automated Message" button, and you should then see a form for your new message:



3. Fill out the form. Some recommendations:

  • Choose a name like "Check-in Instructions" or similar
  • Under "When should this message be sent?", choose to send it a day before check-in time.
    • First click "Booking Confirmation"
      and change this to "Check In"
    • Then click "At" and change this to "Before". You should then see this:
  • Under the "Select the listings" area, choose all listings that would share the same message text or access instructions:
  • In the Message Body, use the variable "Key code" for the generated PIN:


    and you should end up with a message similar to:



How to change from Custom Field

If you are using the Custom Field option, you likely already have Automated Messages set up. Simply replace the custom field variable that you're already using (for example {{accesscode}}) with {{key_code}} instead



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