Manual Programming Functions

This article supports manual programming functions for the 600, 700 & 800 series of locks.

Several settings and functions can be programmed via the locks keypad.  For locks connected to WiFi, many of the functions are performed via the portal.  For locks in Offline Mode, manual programming is required. 

Programming functions start by entering the Programming Code, which is like a password for your lock.  All programming via the keypad follows a specific pattern:

  1. Enter your Programming Code, followed by the # button
  2. Enter the Function Code for the desired function, followed by the # button
  3. Some functions also require a Function Value, followed by the # button


100: Change Programming Code

The programming code is like a password.  By default it is set to 123456.  You will want to change this right away to secure your lock.  To change your Programing Code, enter the following on the keypad:

123456 (default PC), #, 100, #, [4-10 digit new PC], # 

If successful, you will see two green flashes and hear two peeps.  If an error was made, you will see a red flash.


110: Add a Local User Code

Local User Codes are intended to be used as a backup to User Codes created from the app, or for long term users for Offline Mode Locks.  These User Codes can be 4-8 digits in length and up to 100 can be stored on the lock.

To add new Local User PIN, enter;

PC, #, 110, #, [PIN Code], #

Note: Single digit pins (1111, 2222) and sequential pins (1234, 3456) are not allowed for security reasons.


128: Block ReadyPIN

If you have issued a ReadyPIN and now need to revoke access, this can be done by "blocking" a specific ReadyPIN.  To block a ReadyPIN, enter;

PC, #, 1128, #, [ReadyPIN], #


Additional Function Codes

100     New Programming Code | 4-10 chars | Default = 123456 

110     Add Local Code | 4-10 chars | Default 1234 or 4321

112     Add Local Card | after 112, scan card within 8 seconds - only 1 card per

120     Delete Local Code  (enter PIN to be deleted)

122     Delete Smart Cards (hold card to delete to lock)

128     Block individual ReadyPIN

129     Clear all blocked ReadyPINs

130     Erase all Local Codes including default code

133     Erase all access codes | web, keypad & default

135     Factory reset 

155     Set consecutive failed codes before lockout |Default = 5

156     Sets number of seconds to lockout keypad |Default = 60, 0 to disable

160     Mute On

161      Mute Off


198     Set Time | YYMMDDhhmm format

270     Auto Lock Mode OFF

271      Auto Lock Mode ON | Default

260     Set Auto Lock Timer | 5 – 1,800 Seconds | Default = 5 Seconds


310     Reset WiFi Connection

311      Reset/Reboot WiFi Module

312      Reset/Erase SSID’s

320      Enter AP Mode (if adding second SSID)

360     Turn off wifi 

361      Turn on wifi 


370     Turn off algorithmic codes 

371      Turn on algorithmic codes 


380     Turn off NFC (Card reader)

381      Turn on NFC with motion sensor to read cards

382     Turn on NFC with keypress to read cards


390     Require # pound on keypad after PIN entry

391      Auto-Enter | Default: no # key needed


411      Wake WiFi for single connect (even if WiFi turned off)

420     Disable Card Serial Number as PIN | Default

421      Enable Card Serial Number as PIN

500      Soft Reboot

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