Offline Mode Lock Setup

The 620C, 720C and 820C model locks can operate in one of two modes--Online or Offline. Online mode requires WiFi connectivity for full online functionality and notifications. Offline Mode works without internet connectivity, yet temporary guest access can still be granted remotely via ReadyPINs.  This article provides instructions for setting up and programming locks in Offline Mode.


Setting up a New Offline Mode Lock

To get your lock up and running, a few simple steps will need to be performed...


Set Programing Code

The programming code is like a password- it is used not to unlock the door, but instead as a password you enter when you'd like to program the lock locally using the keypad.  By default it is set to 123456.  You will want to change this right away to secure your lock.  To change your Programing Code, enter the following on the keypad:

123456 (default PC), #, 100, #, [4-10 digit new PC], # 


Set Date & Time / Set Lock to Offline Mode

Setting the date and time is required for ReadyPINs (temporary guest codes) to work on your lock.  It is helpful to write down the date & time string (in 24-hour military time) before programming.

PC, #, 198, #, YYMMDDhhmm, #

Example: May 15, 2021 at 3:30PM = 2105151530

Note: This function automatically enables ReadyPINs and turns off WiFi.  If you are connecting this lock to WiFi the time will be automatically set.


Set Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Saving Time is disabled by default. Enabling DST on your lock will automatically adjust the time on DST start and end dates.  To enable;

PC, #, [DST Function Code], #

DST Function Code Options:

190 Disable

191 USA (Second Sunday in March to first Sunday in November)

192 Europe (Last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October)


For more information on DST, visit: 


Add Local User PINs

Up to 100 Local User PINs can be programmed into the lock via the keypad.  User PIN codes are typically provided to users with longer term access (more than 1 month). To add new Local User PIN, enter;

PC, #, 110, #, [PIN Code], #

Note: Single digit pins (1111, 2222) and sequential pins (1234, 3456) are not allowed for security reasons.


Enable Cards (if using cards)

By default the lock does not have the card reader function enabled.  To enable the card reader, enter;

PC, #, 381,  # 


Add Local Cards (if using cards)

This lock contains a card reader compatible with MIFARE Classic 13.56MHz ISO 14443A 1K RFID Smart Cards. Cards can be added to the lock and then given to regular access users.  To add a card to the lock, enter;

PC, #, 112, #, [Hold card to keypad reader], Beep Confirms Addition

Note: 1 card added per 112 command cycle.



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